How will you feel when standing on the top of the Mount Fansipan?

Dawn from the top of the Mount Fansipan
Located approximately 9km to the southwest of Sapa town, the Mount Fasipan, which is at the height of 3,143 meters above sea level, attracts travelers all over the world for being the highest point of Vietnam as well as the rooftop of the Indochina peninsula. Reaching up the peak of the Mount Fansipan means that you have already conquered the most challenging experience in the Indochina area – the dream of many professional climbers and adventure seekers. Explore with: Travel Indochina and Vietnam

Mount Fansipan is the dream of many adventure lovers

Mount Fansipan is the dream of many adventure lovers- source: internet

If you think that an excellent trek through these gorgeous rice terraces and tranquil surrounding villages is all you can do in this charming town, then you have got a big mistake. The Mount Fasipan conquest, which gives you an amazing chance to discover the pristine charm of the fascinating nature of Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range and set your footstep on one of the most difficult yet beautiful routes in Vietnam, will be the highlight of your trip to the Northern Vietnam.

How to get access to the Mount Fansipan?

How amazing it is when you set foot on top

How amazing it is when you set foot on top- source: internet

To get to Sapa from Hanoi by public means of transportation, you can choose between a 4 or 5-hour sleeping bus ride and a 9-10-hour overnight train ride which takes you to Sapa in the early next morning. If you choose a bus ride, to save a night in your hotel in Sapa, it is wise to catch a bus leaving Hanoi at 10 or 11 PM. After arriving in Lao Cai, you can catch public bus or car. Of course, you can also get to Sapa by motorbike. However, to save your energy for the stunning journey to the top of the Mount Fansipan, which is full of fun yet challenge, riding your own vehicle is not a good idea. In Sapa, you will have no difficulty booking your tour through a travel agency or hire a local tour guide. To conquer the Indochina’s rooftop, going on your own is good but accompanying with a local guide is better. Your guide will share with you all his experience which he has gained for many years. Thanks to his help, you can have sufficient time to captures all the amazing moments. How great your experience will be! At Sapa town, as planned, tourists go to Tram Ton, Cat Cat or Sin Chai to begin the conquest of Fansipan. Vietnam tours packages

Best time to visit the Mount Fansipan

Best time to conquer the Mount Fansipan

Best time to conquer the Mount Fansipan- source: internet

The early summer – the period from April to June when the air is clear and the rainfall is less is the most stunning time to visit this area. This is also the time, when the wonderful landscape is at its best. However, if mountain climbing is what you are looking for, these months from September to March of the next year, are the best choice. The end of February, when colorful flowers on the mountain blossom, is great to make the conquest.

How will you feel when standing on the top?

Dawn from the top of the Mount Fansipan

Dawn from the top of the Mount Fansipan- source: internet

Though you will have to get up early and suffer from the quickly dropping temperature at night, the exceptional dawn from the highest point is well worth your try. Along the way going from the small rocks to the majestic mountain, passing by some ravines with transparent water, you can stop hundreds, or even thousands of times for great photograph opportunities. After reaching the 3,142-meter-high peak of Mount Fansipan, just patiently sit on the peak, feel the warm of sunshine on your face, contemplate the 360-degree view of an iridescent sky with the sunrays incorporating with the morning mist and the surroundings and completely refresh your soul among nature!

At such altitude, you will definitely feel the cloud so close to you. It seems to be in your reach. The different altitudes you reach, the different kinds of plants you will see. The higher you go, the cloudless the blue sky is.

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