Water puppet show in Hanoi

The Water Puppet

Hanoi is acknowledged to be the centre of art, business and politic. You can find the most beautiful clothes styles, the most delicious food and of course the most interesting show in the capital. Of course, everyone wanted to please the Emperor and his wife, it is the matter of death or life, of prosperity or poverty. Travel to Hanoi with: Travel Indochina and tours

  1. The history

As you might know, the geographical conditions of Hanoi and many other relative delta areas are composed of many flat lands, ponds, lakes, and rivers. As a result, the whole country’s development is closely related to agriculture and Asian rice; so it is easy to understand that many traditional art forms were born in the brace of the Mother Land and Water. So was Water Puppet.

Originally, this show was used to keep the less busy days between 2 harvest seasons more engrossing. Gradually, this hobby has grown above the entertaiment methods but a cultural symbol, depicting the life and telling history. Currently, watching these water shows can help us imagine how life of ancient Vietnamese people used to be.

  1. The theatre
The original theatre of Water Puppet Show

The original theatre of Water Puppet Show- source: internet

Let’s talk about the water puppet show in Hanoi. Currently, there is only one existing in the capital. With the advanced technology and widespread globalisation, youngsters have recently lost their interest in traditional music show. They are more fond of pop or EDM, current trendy music type. As a result, to survive in this stiff competitive market, traditional music has to struggle a lot. Water Puppet is not an exception. online travel vietnam

At the moment, the theatre has to adopt new approach to solve the problem. They focus more on tourism and promote cultural values. They organise some tours around the world and enjoy the increasing popularity. Their audience have expanded to global market. Gradually, the young will care more about their country’s traditional legacy so they learn and maintain  Water Puppet.

  1. The play
The Water Puppet

The Water Puppet- source: internet

Although the theatre has adopted many modern scripts, the most famous ones have always been the traditional plays such as The Mice’s Wedding, Tam Cam_Vietnamese Cinderella. Since I was a child, I have watched these plays many times and they always leave many fond memories in my childhood.

Basically, they are fairy tales, inspired by daily activities in the past. For example, the mice’s wedding tells a story about some mice taking a knot. They have to go by a cat’s house and give him many presents in order to be safe. It depicts the situation occurring in the old village where peasants were exploited, and even robbed by the local authorities. The mice represent the commoners, the cat stands for the government. However, not all emperors were bad, there were some good kings too. Vietnamese history recorded in water puppet show clearly has illustrated the peaceful time. All agricultural activities like going fishing, harvesting have been mentioned in the show.

Water puppet actors and actresses in the water

Water puppet actors and actresses in the water- source: internet

Anyway, the water puppet show is worthy to visit, especially if you want to explore more about Vietnamese culture and history. The shows will present you a lot of information in an engrossing way. In addition, if you are interested, you also have the chances to discover more about water puppet world as currently, there are some travel agents offering tradition job tour. They can give you details of many iconic cultural occupations and give you a chance to do some materials by yourself. For example, you can learn how to make water puppets, how to draw different faces. They can also show you how to make a show, the difficulties in making the show. I remember that they have to immerse them in water for hours, even in cold days. This is a hard job, which severely affects their health. As a result, it is reasonable to understand why not many people make a living by becoming water puppet actors.

Hopefully, in the future, the government and other private organisations can cooperate and help make this job flourish again.

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