Vietnam weather in December

Vietnam weather in December

For Vietnamese people, December is the most awaited month. During December, all people from old to young engage themselves to prepare for the upcoming Tet festival in mid-January or February. On the other hand, the weather is distinct from south to north. Indochina holidays

Vietnam weather in December

Vietnam weather in December -source: internet

The average temperature in the north drops to 19°C and during the festival, almost locals of north work there but go to visit their families in the Southern region. The Southern Vietnam already speaks of the approaching of festival with cool winds, low rain, warm weather and blue skies from time to time. In contrast, the central Vietnam witnesses the decrease in rainfall with the mean temperature of 27°C but still several occasions of storms. Especially for travelers, a visit to Vietnam during this time of year could not be any more welcoming.

Hanoi in December

Hanoi in December -source: internet

In the Northern region, the weather in December is often cold with Sapa ranked as the coldest. To keep you away from cold and flu, a visit during this time requires an extra baggage of warm clothes. In addition, the birth of Jesus is announced in the month of December. Although not being announced as a public holiday, this day is still celebrated with equal zest.

Festive atmosphere in Hanoi

Festive atmosphere in Hanoi -source: internet

On this festive occasion, Hanoi’s streets welcome the dry cool weather with colorful flower decorations. Situated in the heart of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, Hang Ma Street, which always goes with the latest trend, is an ideal place for travelers. It should be more exciting to walk along the streets lit up with Santa Claus and his reindeers delivering gifts, Christmas trees and snowmen. On Christmas day, you can dine at excruciating hotels offering buffets under reasonable prices after praying hymn at Saint Joseph Cathedral. Travelers will be brought back to their hometowns and feel how simple local life is by seeing Vietnamese families celebrate this festival.

People celebrate Noel

People celebrate Noel -source: internet

Meanwhile, the Southern Vietnam is mostly involved in the joyful atmosphere preparing for Tet festival. During this time, the common atmosphere is the hustle of buying new traditional dresses for little ones, gifts for relatives, shopping for decorations at home and the most meaningful ingredient is the gathering of cooking traditional dishes for Tet festival. At this time, Ho Chi Minh City welcomes the perfect weather of with an average temperature of 25°C with least or no rainfall which synchronizes with the lovely streets covered in the fragrance of garden-fresh picked flowers and freshly cooked street foods. A flower village of this city, Go Vap District blooms in the daylight at this time. In this region, the average humidity is around 75% making it suitable to grow a wide variety of flowers. The whole area is excruciating with vast fields covered with a wide range of beautiful flowers and Saigonese coming in and out shopping for Tet festival. centre Vietnam travel packages

Nha Trang in December

Nha Trang in December -source: internet

During this time, a famous coastal place in Southern region of Vietnam, Nha Trang is cooler. This city is an intermediate place to spend time alone with an average temperature of 24°C and precipitation decreased to half compared to November. Even with the strange people you meet in local restaurants, you can find it warm and welcoming celebrating Christmas here for the first time. At the end of the month when average precipitation has gone even below 120mm, visiting this place is much more interesting.

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