Vegetarian foods of Tay Ninh people

Vegan pork made by Tay Ninh people

Tay Ninh- the fertile land located between the South Central Highlands and the Mekong Delta is home to 29 ethnic minority groups. Tay Ninh province forms many interesting living traditions and culture features. In particular, vegetarian cuisine is one of the attractions, keeping the footsteps of visitors to the cross when coming to this land, not only by the special taste delicious, nutritious but also by the deposition in each.

The essence of Heaven and Earth

Not only delicious and nutritious taste, but also the essence of nature, heaven and earth, merging together with the cultural essence, of traditional cuisine deposit in each dishes. It brings the richness and beauty of this land. It is not only eaten by mouth. First of all, dinners must enjoy with eyes to see the stunning beauty. It has entered the human heart so lightly and so deep. Harmony as nature is a feature in Tay Ninh cuisine. All those things have made up attractive vegetarian dishes that can rarely be found in other places.

Glutinous rice cakes

Glutinous rice cakes- source: internet

Healthy and nutritious dishes

Tay Ninh is the transitional land between the midlands and plains. The climate and soil feature characteristics of both regions, creating diverse natural conditions with mountains, forests, rivers and streams. Local residents can enjoy many natural specialties including vegetables, fruits and herbs. The majority of residents of Tay Ninh are followers of Buddhism and the Hoa Hao Buddhist sect so people are so close to nature. In their daily meals, they tend to use vegetables to stay away from killing animals and to purify their bodies. With a long history, Tay Ninh people have created a unique vegetarian gastronomy. They are made from natural ingredients and grains not only nutritious but also very healthy and delicious..

Vega spring roll

Vega spring roll

Simple ingredients

Few dare to think that all the other dishes are processed only from simple ingredients. One of those basic ingredients of vegetarian dishes is soybean. It can be used to make different variety kind of foods such as tofu, noodle soup, soy sauce, fish stock and others.

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In addition soybean sauce, banana flowers or young jackfruits is also a common ingredient in vegetarian dishes in Tay Ninh. From these simple ingredients, people often process dishes such as anchovy, crab fritter, stewed pork, chicken salad, etc. The dishes go well with hot rice or sticky rice cakes.


Soybean- source: internet

Eye-catching decoration

To Tay Ninh, you also do not forget to enjoy the vegetarian but equally attractive. Locals people not only pay attention to the flavor of the dish but also are very interested in presenting the food so they look nice and attractive. Therefore, they thought the way to devise vegan dishes ingeniously and delicately. By creative thinking and ingenuity hands, locals create hundreds of dishes which at first sight, look no different from salty food with all types of shrimp, crab, chicken, pork shape only from powdered ingredients and keep the characteristic taste. Vegetarian food has long gone on the menu of parties such as death anniversary, wedding……. with the name of luxury and elaborate processing. If you first see, even tasted, the dinners will also be surprised when the food is considered salty dish right before the eyes are vegetarian.

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Vegan pork made by Tay Ninh people

Vegan pork made by Tay Ninh people

Different variety kinds of food

It can be seen that vegetarian food on the land of Tay Ninh increasingly rich and attractive. From familiar dishes such as rice noodles, rice cake….to the more sophisticated dishes such as Thai hot pot, fish sauce, fried dishes with foreign flavor like seaweed rolls or egg rolls

To serve the vegetarian diet, the vegetarian more and more “variations” with the beef, chicken, seafood, roast pigs.

Vegetarian hot pot

Vegetarian hot pot- source: internet

Easy to enjoy a vegetarian food

In Tay Ninh, vegetarian dishes not only exist in daily life but also into the food market. Diners can catch vegetarian food in many places, especially in Hoa Thanh- where crowds of Catholics are concentrated

The area around Long Hoa trade center, gate 6 of the Holy See is full of vegetarian restaurants. Some restaurants in Tay Ninh city have gradually become familiar with customers in and outside the province such as Bodhi, Phuoc Hue, Tri An, etc.

Vegetarian restaurant Tojy soybean (Hoa Thanh Town) was born not long ago has attracted many customers. The buffet is self-service and has a weekly vegetarian buffet. You can find here many unique vegetarian dishes.

Different vegan dishes in Tojy restaurant

Different vegan dishes in Tojy restaurant

It can be said that Tay Ninh tourism journey not only brings visitors to the highlights but also provides excellent opportunities to explore the unique local culture including food. Vegetarian is an essential part of local’s life and also a different culture from other regions. If you have a chance to visit here, take the time to discover vegetarian food here to understand the quintessence of their vegetarian gastronomy.

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