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Vietnam – hidden gem in the South East Asia

Even though having had a lot of modern developments, Vietnam today still remains its own authentic rich culture and beautiful natural environment which gives people who love the Asian beauty a great chance to discover the energetic capital city Ha Noi; the enchantment of ancient citadels Hoi An and Hue as well as a wide variety of places of interest to explore including the fresh, romantic Dalat – the central highlands-home like; the booming bustle and hustle cities like Ho Chi Minh City and the splendour of the sea and spectacular islands like Halong Bay. Indochina in Holidays

Vietnam – hidden gem in the South East Asia

Vietnam – hidden gem in the South East Asia – source: staydu.com

Vietnamese people, the descendant of the legendary Dragon and Fairy always keep positive attitude looking forward to the future, respecting the past, protecting the present as well as hoping to extend their generosity to all people from all over the world paying a visit to Vietnam. The exquisite cuisine of Vietnam is internationally well known, with colors and flavors iconic to each region.  Water puppetry and opera are some of many traditional folk arts which are still practised today together with the outstanding arts incarnating Asian and European styles.

It is such a great chance to come to Vietnam to see and enjoy her magnificent nature, the hospitability of the local inhabitants but still relaxing in the comfort of the first class hotels on these package tours offered. Striking up acquaintance with different people coming from all around the world will be one of interesting attractions.

The Dao

The Dao – source: vietnamtourism.gov.vn

Vietnam has 54 ethnic minorities, most of which stay in the rugged hills to the north of Vietnam, and a circular journey beginning at Hanoi often passes some of the most unique groups.

Coming to Mai Chau, travelers will have an opportunity to meet white Thai – these lovely girls with waist-length hair wearing traditional costumes and singing lively song as well as performing these dance routines, then inviting guests to share a large jar of local rice wine.

Black Thai with the most noticeable aspect of their clothing is the headdress, which contains of exquisitely embroidered panels can be found in Son La while once coming to Sapa, you can easily meet Red Dao which is one of the most colorful tribes in the north and cling ferociously to their traditional ways, are easily recognized by their bright red headgear.

Flower Hmong

Flower Hmong – source: travellertours.co.il

Flower Hmong who are handing down the most brilliant dressers of the north, and the women are constantly seeking for new outfits at local markets can be seen around Bac Ha. White Hmong who prefer satins and sequins staying in one of the most reluctant, yet also stunningly scenic settings of the north near Dong Van. The Tay who have a rich tradition of song and dance occasionally performed for tourists are the most numerous of all ethic minority groups in Vietnam, and easily met near Ba Be Lake.

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