When traveling in Vietnam, how to save money

Ride a bike in Vietnam

Refine the art of sightseeing

You can have a cheap, if not free day’s sightseeing with many of Vietnam’s tourist hotspots, which are its beautiful natural scenery. It can be a lot cheaper to explore an area on your own than spending money for an organized tour – It is ludicrously cheap to rent a bike (it costs only $1 a day for bike rental in Hoi An), however, don’t highly expect your journey to be enjoyable and comfortable. There are a lot of walkable cities in Vietnam, for example: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, which are also full of free museums and temples. Get a map from your hotel and enjoy yourself on a city walking tour. You can see more: Vietnam travel tours to get more information

Ride a bike in Vietnam

Ride a bike in Vietnam- source: internet

Be smart with your cash

Though some tourists travel around Vietnam encountering only nice and generous locals, unfortunately, in fact there have been many reports of travelers having trouble dealing with cash – shop owners refusing to give you correct change seems to be one of the most common problems seems. As ATM charges can unknowingly rack up, also be wary of them.

Sleep on the overnight bus for long journeys

You will almost certainly be making some long journeys if you are travelling extensively through Vietnam. Taking these journeys at night to save on a hostel – you can always spend the next day taking it easy wandering around your next destination or dozing at the beach though this is not a guaranteed good night’s sleep. centre Vietnam travel packages

Book your rooms tactically

If you are travelling just as a group of friends or as a couple, most guest houses do not charge per person but per room – in some cases it costs little for a private room as it does for a dorm, so before booking the first hostel you come across, compare sleeping options and prices. As it is always easier to negotiate the price of rooms and transport when there are a few of you, it should also be considered to team up with fellow travelers heading in the same direction.

Overnight bus in Vietnam

Overnight bus in Vietnam- source: internet

Booking in advance can also have its advantages

There are some guesthouses and hostels offering free train station or bus stop pick up, which can save you much money on taxis. When booking, be sure to check this!

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