Traveling to Ha Giang- the beautiful of North Vietnam

Dong Van plateau
Located in Northern Vietnam, Ha Giang where almost 90% of the population is ethnic minorities with their own unique lifestyles and cultures.
Ha Giang is such a unique place untouched by mass travelers. Ha Giang seems to have stood still in time whilst other Vietnamese provinces & cities experienced economic development. The political situation & relations with China have been the main reasons for this. See Indochina tours to get more information#Dong Van plateau

Dong Van plateau is home 17 ethnic minority groups Ethnic minorities create a rich & unique cultural heritage of Dong Van.
Interesting and Diverse, traditional practices and habits of these ethnic groups attract a large number of travelers who have a chance to come to discover these unique aspects. You can taste Thang Co soup, which is cooked from all parts of the animal or the alcohol made from honey and corn. Take a motorbike and drive through the fantastic areas of Meo Vac.

Dong Van plateau

Dong Van plateau

#Lung Cu flag
The village of Lung Cu – the northernmost place in Vietnam is which has the Vietnamese flag on Dragon Mountain, is famous for its many food and beverage specialties.
From Dong Van town, you can go through the mountainous area at an altitude of 1,500 meters to reach Meo Vac town, which is one of the most spectacular areas that you can visit in Ha Giang province. If you manage your time for a holiday in this city on Sunday, don’t miss a chance to go to the Sunday Market, which is held outside the city. Ethnic people come there from the surroundings to sell their produces, foods and animals.

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Lung Cu flag

Lung Cu flag

#Meo Vac

Every Sunday morning, Meo Vac day market in Ha Giang is an ideal place to meet ethnic residents who sell mostly cattle as well as pigs, goats and dogs. Living in distant areas around the town of Meo Vac, ethnic residents (Mong, Tay) will gather together there. There are even some people with cattle covering typically 20 km overnight on foot. Starting from very early in the morning, this market is the busiest from 7 to 10 AM.
Not just being the place where people go for selling goods, this market also plays an important part in maintaining the social relations of the ethnic people.

Don’t miss to taste local food such as corn and rice alcohol. Ma Pi Leng Pass – The impressive pass going through the high mountains area Ma Pi Leng Pass presents right in front of your eyes after driving a few minutes from the city. This road probably one of the most stunning roads you can ride in Vietnam. The road’s modern history started in the period between 1959 and 1965, when thousands of young people from 17 ethnic groups built the road. It took them 11 months to finish the construction process.

Initially, they only made use of the road for walking or horse teams, but gradually, it was extended to trucks and cars. Mountains and hills create splendid images but the roads there are really dangerous, cautiously ride on a motorcycle. Hoang Su Phi – a remote area with picturesque rice terraces -untouched nature, ethnic villages and cultural heritage.

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