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Thach Thon Van

Referring to the attractions in Kien Giang certainly can’t ignore the views of Ha Tien Cross went into verses of talented governors Mac Thien Tich. The captivating beauty yore, unfortunately so far only the remaining 6 retains the soul almost from the beginning. The Kim Project peach orchids, Giang Thanh had, Dong Ho publication period, South Street punished three; Lu Khe fishermen silver (Rach Crossing), under the impact of natural and human, there where almost gone, elsewhere, almost losing the beauty, the spirit is. The remaining 5 hours landscapes become tourist attractions not to be missed while in the land of Ha Tien. Indochina travel agency

Ha Tien

Ha Tien – source:

  1. Binh San mountain:

Binh San Mountain is located in Binh San Ward, Ha Tien, Kien Giang Province. From Rach Gia City travel by road is along Highway 80 about 93 km to Ha Tien town. From Chau bridge, the gateway to the town, turn left to follow the road about 800 meters FANGCHENG to area historical and cultural monuments mountain Binh San. Mountain also called Mount San Binh Lang, mountain only 53 meters high, four-season mountain blossoming green up the Mac Thien Tich called “Binh Thuy San Scallops” (ie building a green mountain). This is the resting place of the Mac line, led by Mac Cuu, who had reclaimed the land and build Phuong Thanh (Ha Tien today) and other cities in the West Sea runs from Kien Giang to Cambodia’s Siem Aphids. If standing on top Binh San, we can see panoramic picturesque Ha Tien.

  1. Tam Bao temple:

Located at 77 Phuong Thanh Binh San P, Ha Tien, jewels by Mac Cuu temple built for reciting old mother with two fruit bell ring, dubbed “Text overall self”. Temple Jewels today but could not keep the original architecture but u still look young, quiet place of spiritual practice. In electricity Buddha Amitabha statue 2.4 m high bronze offered by Mac Cuu. In the front yard there is enshrined statue of Avalokiteszara pit.

Tam Bao temple

Tam Bao temple – source:

  1. Dong Thon Van cave:

From Ha Tien market go toward border is approximately 4km Thach also known action Thon Van (cave swallows clouds), green giant boulders located 85 meters between a barren expanse of land. Standing halfway up the mountain, visitors can zoom eye panoramic view of Ha Tien town poetic miniature, see the hamlet of Cambodia along the border hidden in the foothills.

Thach Thon Van

Thach Thon Van – source:

Do not know ever since that proud people of Ha Tien Thach’s where the origins of fairy tales Thach Sanh guillotine penetrates sincere in childhood memories. In the Thach Dong, long stalactites created shapes: human legs, a girl with long hair that familiar folk called Guanyin … From here, walk a few steps from the Xa Xia border gate, across the country Thap Pagoda.


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