Top deserts food in Hanoi for summer

Sweet, Sour, Spicy Mixed Fruit
  1. Yogurt With Jackfruit

Yogurt with jackfruit, like white jelly cubes sweet porridge, has been a trend in summer, especially among young Hanoians for many years. All you have to do to make a bowl of delicious and cool yogurt jackfruit at reasonable price is just mix yogurt with fresh jackfruit, jelly, tapioca balls (tran chau), condensed milk and syrup. It will not take too much to find yogurt with jackfruit in Hanoi as it now appears in almost every sweet porridge stalls.

Yogurt with jackfruit

Yogurt with jackfruit- source: internet

  1. Sweet, Sour, Spicy Mixed Fruit

There are many kinds of fragrant fruits in Northern Vietnam when summer comes, thus, sweet, sour, spicy mixed fruit lovers will have favorable condition to enjoy many dishes, such as sweet, sour, and spicy pineapple, mango, plum and dracontomelon. Sold in form of thin slices or small pieces, this kind of food is one of the most popular and delicious dishes in summer in Vietnam. vietnam travel tours

  1. Seaweed Jelly With Longan
Sweet, Sour, Spicy Mixed Fruit

Sweet, Sour, Spicy Mixed Fruit- source: internet

Delicious and nutritious, seaweed jelly with longan is also one of the best summer dishes in Vietnam. What make this dish really tasty and attractive? It is the brittle and chewy seaweed jelly cooked with dried sweet and fragrant longan. Served with cool ice, this sweet soup can also help to lower body heat in summer.

  1. Yogurt With Fermented Purple Sticky Rice

Coming with some crushed cold ice, yogurt mixed with fermented purple sticky rice helps to cool down the summer heat effectively. Once tasting the the limberness and fragrance of yogurt mixed with the sourness and spiciness of the fermented purple sticky of this enjoyable summer dish, you will remember it forever. indochina travel

  1. Aloe Vera Green Bean Sweet Porridge
Aloe Vera Green Bean Sweet Porridge

Aloe Vera Green Bean Sweet Porridge- source: internet

Because of its health benefits, aloe vera is preferred by Vietnamese, especially in hot summer days. Liver disease and stored body toxins are some health problems that aloe vera can help people deal with. As aloe vera can also help you have beautiful skin, women love these refreshing dishes made with aloe vera so much. The ability to help people to lose extra weight is another great advantage of aloe vera.

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