Some things to keep in mind when travelling Hanoi in months

The quiet beauty of Hanoi in an autumn afternoon
The weather and scenic of Hanoi are strange so before visiting Hanoi, tourists should find out information of Hanoi for the time tourists intend to visit this beautiful destination. The weather of Hanoi is divided into four seasons during 12 months around the year. Visiting Hanoi in each month will bring different experiences to tourists.
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The quiet beauty of Hanoi in an autumn afternoon

The quiet beauty of Hanoi in an autumn afternoon- source: internet

Travelling Hanoi in January, February and March

* Travelling Hanoi in January:

January is one of the coldest months around the year; the lowest temperature can be down to 7 degrees C. However, the climate in Hanoi in January is suitable for tourists to taste exciting Hanoi’s food. In the cold day in January, tourists should not miss noodles, La Vong pie, grilled cuisines and many kinds of hot pot.

* Travelling Hanoi in February:

Vietnamese lunar New Year is typically in February and February is the time that many Vietnamese traditional festivals held. The temperature in February is warmer than January and sometimes it is drizzle. Walking around streets of Hanoi, tourists will certainly have the chance of seeing colorful flowers and tasting delicious food and cakes of Hanoi.

* Travelling Hanoi in March:

The weather of Hanoi in March is suitable for tourists to visit all famous destinations of Hanoi. It is neither so hot nor so cold in March and the temperature is stable. In March, tourists will be interested in Den Dong (Dong temple) festival that is highlight with human chess, lantern dance and water sport activities.

Tourist will see many colorful flowers when walking down to streets of Hanoi in February

Tourist will see many colorful flowers when walking down to streets of Hanoi in February- source: internet

Travelling Hanoi from April to June

* Travelling Hanoi in April:

The weather changes the most in April. The average temperature of April if a bit higher than the temperature in March, it is from 22 degrees C to 27 degrees C. April is also the early of summer so it is an ideal time for tourists to visit and join in activities at entertainment areas. West Lake, Thu Le Park, Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son temple, quarters … and traditional handicraft villages are wonderful destinations for tourist to visit. Moreover, tourists can taste featured food of Hanoi in April such as bean vermicelli with shrimp sauce, firstling, yoghurt, water of dracontomelon, Trang Tien ice-cream and many other cooling teas that are extremely in Hanoi in summer.

* Travelling Hanoi in May:

May is the time of bunches of pink lotus, it is also the season of flamboyant and purple lagerstroemia. It always has sudden heavy rain and May is the month of people who like moving and travelling. you can view Indochina Sails cruise halong

* Travelling Hanoi in June:

June is the month when lotus blooming. Many tourists like getting to West Lake to take great photos with colorful lotus and save the most beautiful moments for themselves. It is hot in June however; the amount of tourists travel Hanoi in June is mostly highest in the year. Tourists should travel to Hanoi in June to have strange and exciting experiences.

The image of beautiful lotus attracts many people who love the natural beauty

The image of beautiful lotus attracts many people who love the natural beauty- source: internet

Travelling Hanoi in July, August and September

* In July: Hanoi capital is bright sunny in July. It is blue and sometimes it is windy. Travelling Hanoi in July, besides moving to famous destinations, tourists can also sit down on the streets, choose a coffee shop where has a nice view; observe passers while having a cup of cooling tea. It is so great.

* In August: The weather in August in Hanoi makes people more comfortable. Tourists can wear airy clothes, walk through streets, stop at any shop in the quarter and choose some traditional things to bring home and give them to friends. Traditional things of streets in Hanoi are exciting choices for tourists.

* In September: Travelling to Hanoi in September, first of all, tourists will smell the floral scent of milk flowers. Tourists don’t forget to enjoy the flavor of Banh Com (Bánh Cốm- Young rie cake) in Hanoi in autumn. Moreover, tourists can buy some Com (Cốm) in Vong (Vòng) village (young rice cake) and give to your friends and members of your family. The flavor of Com (Cốm) attracts so many people who are epicures.

Com Lang Vong (young rice of Vong village) is the specialty of Hanoi in autumn

Com Lang Vong (young rice of Vong village) is the specialty of Hanoi in autumn- source: internet

Travelling Hanoi in October, November and December

* In October: It is a bit cold in the early of October however; tourists like the color of Hanoi in October with the bright yellow of many beautiful small daisy flowers in every lane of Hanoi. Hanoi is the best romantic and dreamy in October. October is an ideal month for tourists to travel Hanoi.

* In November: November is the early of winter in Hanoi and South Vietnam. It sometimes has heavy rain and it is also a bit cold at this time so if tourists travel to Hanoi in November, tourists should keep in mind that it is a bit cold and tourists should bring warm clothes to have a great trip.

* In December: It is really cold in December in Hanoi because December is the middle of winter. However, for tourists who love the cold of winter and seeing drizzle in the colds days, December will be an interesting month to have different experiences. I also want to remind you that you should follow weather forecast of Hanoi area to make plans for your trip in Hanoi so that your trip will not be interrupted by bad cold-heavy rain in December.

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam; there are many famous destinations and delicious food that are loved by many tourists from all over the world. Hanoi is beautiful around the year and in every season, Hanoi has its own beauty that is worthy for tourists to discover and experience. If tourists know well of Hanoi tourism every month, tourists will certainly have perfect plans for the trip in Hanoi.

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