How to take a photo at Lotus Westlake

Lotus flowers sold by street vendors

To people in the East, lotus is a very familiar for it is associated with Buddhism. To Vietnamese people, lotus is seen and recognized as an unofficial symbol of the country, along with chim lac (similar to anhinga), bamboo trees, and water buffaloes. Every year during July, the flower valley Westlake is adorned with full bloom lotus flowers. This is a place that takes tremendous interest from photographers and the youth. In this article we will give you some brief information about this particular location and how to take a photo at lotus Westlake. Indochina tours Vietnam

Lotus Westlake

The lotus valley at Westlake is located at Nhat Chieu crossroads, next to Westlake Water Park. It is as big as 5 hectares. During its peak season, there are hundreds of people who come here to enjoy the beauty of lotus flowers, as well as taking pictures with them.

Lotus flowers at Westlake

Lotus flowers at Westlake -source: internet

There are more to lotus flowers than pink. On the same lake, you can easily see white lotus (or American lotus Nelumbo lutea), Indian lotus (Nelumbo nucifera), or what people call ‘sen bach diep’ (lotus with hundreds of petals).

During June and July, it is very common for people to see street vendors who carry white and pink color lotus on their bike, together with fresh lotus seeds to sell to bypassers who wish to bring a sense of purity to their homes.

Lotus flowers sold by street vendors

Lotus flowers sold by street vendors -source: internet

How to take a photo at Lotus Westlake

The owner of Lotus Westlake lets the public come and enjoy his vast property when the season hits with different service offers. The entrance fee varies from 20.000 dong to 50.000 dong. If you wish to buy some extra lotus flowers to hold on your hand (or just simply want to take them home), it costs about 50.000 dong to 70.000 dong per bunch. Vietnam travel Indochina

Take a photo at Lotus Westlake

Take a photo at Lotus Westlake- source: internet

The ideal time to come and take your pictures among the lotus is either early morning or in the afternoon when the sun is not shining hot anymore. Those are the times when the fragrance of lotus flowers purely emits in the air, creating a romantic feels. Lotus valley caretakers also make tra sen which means lotus tea, which requires fresh and crisp flowers in the early morning. Thus, if you go to Lotus Westlake to take pictures at this time, you can learn how this Vietnamese tea is made too. They say that lotus at Westlake gives the best fragrance that give tea the best flavors. Purchase some and give it a taste; you will not be disappointed.

Vietnamese lotus tea (tra sen)

Vietnamese lotus tea (tra sen) -source: internet

Access to full service at Lotus Westlake gives you clothe renting (usually traditional Vietnamese dresses) and professional photographers if you are not that confident with taking pictures yourself. Right next to the Lotus Westlake there are restaurants that offer food with lotus as their ingredients.

Going to and taking a photo at Lotus Westlake has become a part of Hanoian culture; the lotus valley is visited by hundreds of locals and foreign travellers every day during its peak season. If you are afraid that the crowd is too busy, come here early in the morning and take your sweet time enjoying the tranquility and gorgeous fragrance of Lotus Westlake.

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