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Welcome to the lovely ancient town and a World Heritage Site- Hoi An

Hoi An- top 5 place for driving bike in Vietnam

Located in Quang Nam province, near the mouth of the poetic Thu Bon River, Hoi An ancient town is considered another world, separate from the bustling lifestyle. As a well- preserved example of a part of Asian’s culture, its buildings and streets in the ancient town are under the influence by both aboriginal and foreign.

For expats about to go to Vietnam

Vietnam is a popular expat destination

If you want to experience a true taste of life in the East, living in Vietnam is well worth considering. Although being a poor country associated with a punishing centrally planned economy, Vietnam nowadays has quickly developed as a favorite tourist destination and its peaceful picturesque countryside and spectacular beaches are becoming as much famous

Unseen Vietnam

Vietnam – hidden gem in the South East Asia

Even though having had a lot of modern developments, Vietnam today still remains its own authentic rich culture and beautiful natural environment which gives people who love the Asian beauty a great chance to discover the energetic capital city Ha Noi; the enchantment of ancient citadels Hoi An and Hue as well as a wide

Places to go in Vietnam


As far as culture, beautiful nature and history coming with unique architecture and interesting activities go, Vietnam has to offer a lot. This country can also provide accommodation for all types of travelers for hikers and adventurers who are seeking for a comfortable beach holiday and experience these unforgettable memories. Indochina holidays Vietnam Sapa Being

Improve an H’mong farmer’s life

Improve an H’mong farmer’s life

Agroforestry trials have been established for a range of trees and crops in the difficult terrain of northwestern Viet Nam, which is home to H’mong, Thai, Muong and Dao people, amongst others. Choosing which system is best is quite a challenge. You might like to think about how you would deal with some of the