Summer coolers in Ho Chi Minh City

Coconut juice

For expats, tourists and even locals, the summer heat in Ho Chi Minh City is such a nightmare challenge. So, it is no surprise to find a wide range of special drinks here, besides coffee. Among them, coconut juice, sugar cane juice, smoothies and nuoc sam are highly recommended. Indochina voyages reviews

Coconut juice in Ho Chi Minh

Coconut juice in Ho Chi Minh

Coconut juice in Ho Chi

In such hot weather like Ho Chi Minh City, coconut juice is a helpful beverage. In this city, you can find two kinds of places to get coconut juice: from the street vendors or in a café shop. It costs you about $2 to get a coconut in a café while it costs less than $1 for each whole coconut from street vendors. As in Ho Chi Minh City, most coffee shops are well-equipped with air-conditioner, the cool and fresh atmosphere is the good thing of having a coconut in such coffee shops. While enjoying the light sweet taste of coconut juice, tourists still take time to relax. Using the spoon and swirling inside out to eat coconut flesh is another advantage of the café shop.

However, instead of taking a comfortable seat in the coffee shop, you can watch the endless stream of people and vehicles when standing and finishing your coconut juice from street vendors since there are no seats available.

Sugar cane juice

Sugar cane juice

Sugar cane juice-source:

Accompanied with a small blending machine, a sugar cane juice stall which does not account for too much space, is where you can enjoy a popular drink in Ho Chi Minh City. You may even accidentally see some or even many of them when walking around the streets. Around the small vehicle where people usually comfortably sit and talk with their friends while having drinks, there are small chairs and stools arranged.

Being able to cure thirsty, temporary hunger and sugar low situations, sugar cane juice is just a simple and stress-relieving drink. In addition, a glass of sugar cane juice costs you more than 50 cents. Recently, to increase the flavor, some people make some interesting changes by mixing some fruits into sugar cane juice while blending, such as: orange and strawberry, so the price is up to 75 cents.




When you are thirsty, another popular and widely available option is smoothie. In a tropical country like Vietnam, you can sample many kinds of exotic fruits that you may have never tried before. Thanks to its good effects on people’s health, especially the skin, a smoothie is really popular. Vietnam tour packages

In fruits, there are lots of vitamins which are benevolent to not only your skin but also your body. Fruit blended with condensed milk is what makes smoothies in Vietnam different from those made in foreign countries. This is definitely the reason why Vietnamese smoothies taste richer and sweeter than usual but also more addictive.

Nuoc Sam

Nuoc sam

Nuoc sam

Made by boiling the water with some special herbal plants, Nuoc Sam or herbal tea is a very typical drink of Ho Chi Minh City. In hot weather, these plants cool down the body and make a good effect on balancing self-temperature. If having time, you can also go to local market to buy some kinds of herbs and make it at home. The process is so simple: boil the water with the herbs for a few minutes, cool it down in open air before putting it in the fridge for later use. You will certainly feel like your body has been recharged and revived after drinking.

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