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Com is served with red persimmons

Steamed glutinous rice or Xoi is not an unusual snack in Hanoi. But only available for a short time each year when autumn comes, xoi com or steamed green sticky rice, which is characterized by its unique flavor of young, green rice, lotus seeds and fragrance of lotus leaves, is special. These main ingredients of xoi com are what Mother Nature only awards to Vietnam’s capital city.The work to prepare Xoi com also makes it popular. Cooks have to use green rice which is only mature enough from Vong Village, an ancient village considered as a cradle of Xoi com to have a good dish of Xoi com.

They will dip grains of green rice into warm water for a while. If the soaking time is too long or the water is too hot, the shape and taste of the grains will be affected, so, the quality of Xoi com will much depend on this step. After the rice is removed from water, it will be cooked till it starts becoming sticky. Then, sugar will be sprinkled over it and the rice will be continually steamed on low heat. After being removed from the heat, xoi will be served with finely-ground cooked green beans, lotus seeds and sugared copra. ho chi minh to phnom penh by boat

Xoi com

Xoi com- source: internet

A wonderful combination of natural colors including the yellow of beans, white of lotus seeds and coconut and green of rice, like the autumn colors in Hanoi, xoi com looks and smells delicious. Like other normal kinds of sticky rice, xoi com is fragrant, sticky and soft. It has the crunchiness of copra, the buttery taste of lotus seeds and green beans and the sweet taste of sugar.

Whenever autumn comes to town, there are many female vendors with trays of xoi com on their heads strolling around every street corner and alley. If you happen to meet them, don’t miss this chance to enjoy the unique flavor of the taste of Hanoi’s autumn. Just stop your vehicles and ask for a portion of xoi com wrapped in green lotus leaves! Vietnam travel tours

Com is served with red persimmons

Com is served with red persimmons- source: internet

The way to eat Com? A pinch at a time! Use your hand to take com directly from the lotus leaves. So as to appreciate all the tastes, scents and plasticity of the young rice which is sweet, buttery and nutty, you must eat com slowly and chew very deliberately.

In Hanoi, you can find a wide variety of dishes from com, such as candy, stir fried and sweet soup. Stuffed with green bean paste, Com cakes, which leave a sweat-scented flavor in your mouth, are an integral part of engagement ceremonies in Northern Vietnam.

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