Simple treasure in Hue cuisine you must try

Bun Bo Hue- the soul of Hue cuisineBun Bo Hue- the soul of Hue cuisine

If the image of Hue’s girls in Ao Dai leaves a deep impression on the foreign travel to Vietnam Hue cuisine shows you how people creatively use simple ingredients from their garden to create different various kinds of dishes. Women in Hue are so skillful and hard-working. If you have a chance to visit Hue, the first image you can see as an example for that is ladies who using so gentle flexible movements to move the boat slowly and smoothly along Perfume River. The women in the kitchen use exactly the same skills and flexibility to create so flavorful tasty dishes out of the very basic product.


Beautiful and flavorful meal made by Hue woman

Beautiful and flavorful meal made by Hue woman- source: internet


If you have an opportunity to come your way down in the early morning, you’re definitely running too many mobile street vendors selling all sorts of local common delicacy. You can have your pick at a diverse selection of dishes from these street vendors, from the simplest of snacks to more elaborately made meal true to the nature of Hue. A lot of tourists coming to Hue just slap on an aromatic steaming bowl of Bun Bo Hue without any limitations. This is the best-known soup of the city. There are so many textures and flavors in only a little bowl, fresh from lemongrass, hot spicy and energizing from chili and then there are those dedicated rice noodles that balance it very nicely. Perhaps Hue people are quite economical. Hue is located in the central region of Vietnam where floods are considered the nightmare for residents. Each passing year, people living here have to go through a host of storms and floods. What is a reason to explain why local people tend to use chili more in their cuisine as the best way to warm them up? Besides it, one of the most important ingredients in Bun Bo Hue is the pig’s feet. In many other regions of Vietnam, the pig’s feet are sold very cheaply because a lot of people are not a big fan of it. That’s why Hue people have been able to incorporate it into a unique beef noodle soup.


Bun Bo Hue- the soul of Hue cuisineBun Bo Hue- the soul of Hue cuisine

Bun Bo Hue- the soul of Hue cuisine- source: internet


You’re wondering what is better to get an insight into Hue cuisine? Visiting the local market is an exact answer. Dong Ba is a famous place in Hue, which is considered as the biggest market in this city. In the vegetable sections., there are a lot of kinds of herbs. Dong Ba is also famous for the diverse selection of the most renowned of Mam Ruoc- a special and unique sauce in Vietnam. It is not only a common dish but also an important condiment that makes Hue cuisine more attractive and characteristic. For foreigners, it will be definitely unpleasant to smell but don’t afraid of about it when adding to some dishes. Walking around this market, I believe that have a lot of things you see in the very first time. Nuoc is one of those. Nuoc is a type of mollusk and quite similar to the jellyfish but it is easier to eat and cook. It usually flows on the water surface during the summer and the fisherman selected, cut into small pieces before selling at the market.

An essential part in Dong Ba Market

An essential part in Dong Ba Market- source: internet


Vietnamese people in general and Vietnamese women, in particular, all know of the properties of traditional medicines as well as the benefit of herbal medicines. Hue women are no exception. Passed from one generation to the next, they know about the importance of balancing yin and yang. That’s why Hue women are often a phrase for the dexterity in maintaining a balanced taste for the dishes.

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In the Hue traditional families, in the past, the role of caring the housework has been placed on the shoulders of the woman. This tradition is still kept in some families until so far. Woman make the most of their dexterity and mindfulness in delicious and eye-catching dishes. It seems like they put 100 percent their heart and soul into the process to ensure the dishes more beautiful and more delectable. According to Hue people, a happy family must have the gathering atmosphere and delicious meals.


Simple ingredients but it is not a simple meal, right

Simple ingredients but it is not a simple meal, right- source: internet


Trying Hue food and experience the way Hue people make those dishes, you will definitely realize that fantasy of Vietnamese women has no ends. It is not only very tasty, its most importantly balanced and healthy and made from the very natural ingredients. Everything can be changed to something totally different than it is. To be honest, that draws tourists to Vietnamese cuisine in general and Hue cuisine in particular. Are you waiting for anything else? Let’s book a trip to Hue right now in order to immerse yourself into one of the unique cuisines in the world.

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