Reasons for tourists love traveling Vietnam

The smile of ethnic children in Vietnam

Vietnamese cultural diversity

Vietnam is a multi- minority nation with 54 minorities. All of them has many typical feature of Vietnamese culture such as Aodai, ancestor worship, betel- eating habit, special food and so on. However, each has its own uniqueness in clothes, customs and belief. This creates a colorful picture of culture in this nation. Coming to Vietnam, foreign will have opportunity to dip into special and unique culture space which can’t find in any other countries. To understand this, let’s travel Sapa- a famous destination in the North Vietnam travel tours.

The smile of ethnic children in Vietnam

The smile of ethnic children in Vietnam- source: internet

The unique of Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine has been runk on top unique cuisine in the world. There are 2 famous things which must be named as Mam and rice. Although Vietnam is not the only country in the world which use Mam as the main spice, Mam in Vietnam has unique taste. There are more than 30 kinds of Mam in Vietnam. Almost of them are processed from fish and shrimp. Someone has said Mam is the wonderful spice that the God give to Vietnamese people. Indochina holidays Vietnam

Spring roll- special food in Vietnam

Spring roll- special food in Vietnam- source: internet

Besides Mam, rice is also the special food of Vietnam. With the cooking skills and creation, Vietnamese people has made a lot of dish from rice such as Pho, Bun, Banh Canh which has become the pride of Vietnamese people in the world. In particular, local people are also very talent in mixing ingredients. Summer roll and spring roll are 2 of clear proofs for this. If having chance to Vietnam, you can’t miss enjoying these dishes.

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