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As far as culture, beautiful nature and history coming with unique architecture and interesting activities go, Vietnam has to offer a lot. This country can also provide accommodation for all types of travelers for hikers and adventurers who are seeking for a comfortable beach holiday and experience these unforgettable memories. Indochina holidays Vietnam



Sapa –

Being a Vietnamese market town situated in the Northwest Sapa, Sapa is one of the most stunning areas of this country. It is well worth the short journey from Hanoi to this mountainous area to see its dramatic rice terraces and surrounding tips. Go on an overnight train to Sapa from Hanoi making it a famous destination on the tourist circuit.

Surrounding it, the area features spectacular hills and valleys, therefore, provide great hiking and trekking trails opportunities while admiring these breathtaking terraced rice fields. Coming here, travelers can also meet locals in several ethnic minorities staying in the region to explore their own unique culture and peaceful way of life.

Meeting the very hospitable locals who are really willing to help tourists is an incredibly exciting experience. Sapa makes itself an outstanding place to spend a few days exploring in more detail thanks to a lot to be seen as well as a lot to be learned about the special culture of the tribes living in the hills of Sapa.

The unique marriage of Western and Eastern architecture (Vua Meo)

Vua Meo villa

Vua Meo villa – source:

As Western countries try to raise their colonial power, France, Spain and Britain conquered countries on different continents. Up until the First Indochina War in the mid-20th century, from the late 19th century, Vietnam was governed by French rule.

At certain terms tensions were strong, but during this period a unique mixture of Eastern and Western architecture appeared, and one of the most outstanding examples of this is the Vua Meo villa constructed by the French for the head of the Hmong people. Enjoyable enough, it was once called “The Opium Palace”, because one of its cellars feature huge amounts of opium, and the walls were adorned with poppy-seed and flower decorations.

A large number of beautiful sandy beaches

Vietnam is definitely an ideal place to visit for those who are looking for an exotic location thanks to a lot of fun and worthwhile things to do it has to offer.

Blue water beach

Blue water beach – source:

All beautiful beaches in Vietnam are one of the most hidden beauties of this country. Although not having white sand and clear water beaches like Thailand and Cambodia, Vietnam features beaches that rival these beloved tourist attractions. While several popular beach towns in Vietnam including Nha Trang and Mui Ne attract a lot of attention, more tranquil, less-visited beaches like Doc Let are the unsung treasures. Con Dao and Phu Quoc are also ranked as the most spectacular islands in South East Asia, and travelers should be hurried up right now, before these isolated, idyllic spots experience the similar destruction like many over-visited beaches in Thailand and Cambodia.

Depending on whether you want something more isolated, where you can be alone with a significant other, or want to be in a fresh urban environment while still having the ability to go down to the beautiful beaches for a quick swim, you can decide where to go by yourself.

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