Places to enjoy best Vietnamese snail noodle soup in Hanoi

Vietnamese snail noodle soup

To Vietnamese, eating snails is not a nightmare but a hobby. Unlike snails used in Western dishes, used in the Hanoi’s signature recipes are freshwater snails culled from paddy fields, which are smaller yet chewier. Indochina travel tours

What is Vietnamese snail rice noodle soup?

Vietnamese snail noodle soup

Vietnamese snail noodle soup- source: internet

Among a wide range of snail dishes: boiled jackfruit snails served with ginger sauce, snails fried and roasted with tamarind sauce, etc, Vietnamese snail rice noodle soup, which leaves a long, glistening trail, is the most outstanding. A standard bowl of bún ốc comes with cooked snails neatly arranged, rice vermicelli (bún), fried tofu, sometimes crab meat and beef, and a heaping plate of the fresh herbs that is served with most Vietnamese dishes and finally, completed with a hot, sour and sweet broth that is poured over all of the cold ingredients. Finally, put on top of this bowl are a few slices of cooked tomatoes, which are one of these key ingredients to make the broth are tomatoes. Moreover, giving the broth a nice kick is wine vinegar and pepper. Bun oc does not only warm up your body in winter or autumn but thanks to its lightness, it also equally works well for a summertime or springtime lunch treat.

Bún ốc Bà Lương (Madam Luong stall)

Bún ốc Bà Lương

Bún ốc Bà Lương- source: internet

In spite of being located at a quite hardly – found place and its narrow space, simple and quite old-looking appearance, Bún ốc Bà Lương still draws a large number of food-lovers. Bún ốc here has a singular sourish taste of vinegar and a brittle flavor of very well processed snails, fried tofu, fresh herbs and raw vegetables such as: coriander, lettuce, knotweed, perilla and basil. Imagine slurping down a bowl of steaming hot and spicy soup with the chewy but tasty snail in it in a really cold winter day. It is hard to find anything more delightful than that.

  • Address: No 34-64, Lane 191 Khuong Thuong, Dong Da District, H
  • Opening hours: 07 AM – 09 PM

Bún ốc thịt Hòe Nhai (Hoe Nhai snail and beef noodle soup)

Bún ốc Hòe Nhai

Bún ốc Hòe Nhai- source: internet

Though snail noodle soup can be found all over Hanoi, bún ốc sold at No 13 Hoa Nhai Street, Ba Dinh District is unique with a little spicier and more flavourful taste than other varieties. A bowl of Bun oc thit (snail noodle soup) at Hoe Nhai is a stunning combination of delicious broth, beef, snails and fried tofu together with other garnishes and ingredients. Having a bowl of snail noodle soup here, you can enjoy the sweetness and sourness of the broth, the crunchiness of the snails and the tenderness of the beef. Depending on how hungry you are, it is possible to order the size of your snail: small or big. tours of indochina

  • Address: No 13 Hoe Nhai Street, Ba Dinh District.
  • Opening hours: 09 AM -06 PM
  • Price: VND 30,000-50,000 (USD $1.3-2.2)

Bún ốc Hàng Chai (Hang Chai snail noodle soup)

Bún ốc Hàng Chai

Bún ốc Hàng Chai- source: internet

Going to the small Hang Chai Street in the morning, you can easily find the stall selling bún ốc by finding the mass of the vehicles of people who come here to enjoy breakfast. This noodle shop has been running business for more than 25 years and now managing this restaurant is the third generation of her family. With the recipe handed down through several generations of the same family to create the very specific broth with slight sour, sweet and typical flavor of snail along with the pungent fresh chilly, this restaurant is a popular spot with the locals.

You should arrive early to avoid disappointment as this restaurant opens for only a few hours each morning and it is always full of locals and tourists sitting tightly cramped next to each other or even holding their bowls in their hands having a bowl of Bun oc. Still, if you want to eat like a local, it is a fun experience to have meal in one of the oldest places serving bún ốc in Hanoi.

. Over the past 25 years, the price of a bowl of snail noodle soup here, which includes just broth, snails and other ingredients together with garnishes, has increased from VND 2,000 to VND 30,000 (~USD$1.32). Depending on your tastes, you can choose small or large snails.

  • Address: No 6 Hang Chai, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Opening hours: 7AM – 12PM

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