Mouthwatering dishes in Hue

Steamed rice rolls with roast pork

Nothing is more interesting than relaxing and taking time to enjoy Hue food after a long day experiencing Hue city tour to explore this city. Let’s discover three special dishes and then you will definitely have your own feelings about not only Hue food but also awesome Hue city. Holidays Indochina

Pork with lemon grass (Nem lụi)

Pork with lemon grass

Pork with lemon grass-source:

both domestic and foreign diners. Normally, Nem lụi is often enjoyed salads, cucumber and sweet soups. Or it can be eaten with noodles, spicy fish sauce and meat. The sweet taste of sugar cane and the scent of lemongrass mingle with the aroma of baked pieces of Nem lui is incredibly seductive. Today, the taste of Nem lui in Hue still carries distinctive features although this dish is common in many places.  So, do not forget to enjoy this unique and enchanting cuisine if you have an amazing chance to visit Hue.

Steamed rice rolls with roast pork

Steamed rice rolls with roast pork

Steamed rice rolls with roast pork-source:

Travelers will have a chance to enjoy a special food called Steamed rice rolls with roast pork or “Bánh ướt thịt heo quay” in Mrs Suu Restaurant especially after you finish Bach Ma national park tour in Hue, on the way from Hue to Danang. To serve tourists, this restaurant is open daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Together fitting in one dish is five flavors of fatty, sweet, salty, spicy and sour. Steamed rice rolls with roast pork in Hue still features such very unique taste that if once having a chance to enjoy, surely you will remember its taste forever even though Steamed rice roll has now been very popular there. Mrs Suu Restaurant is always crowded thanks to this delicious dish and suitable price 50,000 for each pax. Although Steamed rice roll is not really Hue own dish, the way Hue people make this dish makes it the fame of the former capital. When visiting Hue, visitors cannot ignore this special dish. Vietnam tours packages

Roasted pork

Roasted pork-source:

Che bot loc boc thit quay

Hue city becomes really peaceful and quiet at sunset when the sun goes down. And if you want to enjoy one of the most famous sweet soups of the ancient city, it’s time to go along Tran Hung Dao Street. When talking about Hue, che bot loc thit quay is the most special and well-known one that people often remind among at least 30 kinds of sweet soup in Hue.

Che bot loc thit heo quay

Che bot loc thit heo quay-source:

This dish, which is a unique sweet soup of Hue ancient city, is the harmonious combination of the aromatic scents of ginger, the sweetness of sugar and the flavor of salty and fatty pork, which creates a very special flavor attracting you right after the first time tasting. Although there is no difference in the recipe to make this dish than this of ordinary ones, a ball of roast pork instead of a roasted peanut and the inside of each ball of flour, are what create the biggest difference and the unique. Hue people made this dish become “very Hue” with great creativity. And of course, people often rank this strange sweet soup at the first top of the list of stunning royal-style sweet dishes. Today, in most of the alleys in Hue City, you can easily find this unique dish.

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