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Nga Nam Market

Vietnam – a beautiful country in Southeast Asia Street, whose markets are inherit to the life style of the country as well as the Vietnamese culture, bring the personal paradise to shopping lovers and street market fans. Among many shopping places in Vietnam, vibrant markets are the best way to explore the daily life of locals besides buying some interesting souvenirs. Indochina holidays

Thanh Luong Cattle Market

If you imagine a standard trading place, the Thanh Luong Cattle Market may make you feel a little bit disappointed. Opening on the second, 6th, 9th, 12th, 16th, 19th, 26th and 29th days every month, this special market is not only a place where you can find buffaloes and oxen but it is also a stunning cultural spot of the Thanh Chuong District in Nghe An Province, a venue that you should not miss a chance to explore.

Thanh Luong Cattle Market

Thanh Luong Cattle Market- Source:

When it comes to scope, of its kind in Nghe An, Thanh Luong Cattle Market is ranked to be the largest one. There are about 350 oxen and buffaloes traded for every trading day. However, the way people manage to carry out such a large amount of transactions in this special setting: blank and aflat ground surrounded by fences, is what will strike you the most.

Thanks to the large scope of the market, it has no difficulty reaching out to the sellers and venders from districts other than Thanh Luong. Sometime, you can see Ha Tinh people come to visit the Cattle Market. Bargaining all the time is the golden principle of all people no matter where they come from! Besides, slime body, white teeth, round claws, strong legs and big horns are many other criteria to select cattle. Ox or buffalo with a white tail is not a popular selection as the cattle is believed to bring bad luck, even death, to your family!

Nga Nam market – Soc Trang province

Nga Nam Market

Nga Nam Market- Source:

Being the convergent point of five rivers which flow into five different directions: down from Phung Hien, onto Ca Mau, across from Long My, through to Thanh Tri and in from Vinh Quoi, Nga Nam market in Soc Trang province makes itself  different from other floating markets in the Mekong Delta. Having a critical location, the market becomes a central mark to hundreds of canoes and boats, where you can find all types of goods. Even toward the end of the Lunar New Year, the market scene becomes livelier. Cruise mekong Delta

In this floating market, you can find all kinds of foods

In this floating market, you can find all kinds of foods- Source:

Early in the morning, when many locals are already there, ready for trading – boats after boats and the sun is crawling up east, is thought to be the best time to visit Nga Nam floating market. From meat, fresh fruits, rice together with other staple to electronic goods and TV, almost everything you can find here. Undoubtedly, Nga Nam is one of the most bustling floating markets in the South region of Vietnam.

Han market

Han Market

Han Market- Source:

Situated at the grand intersection of Tran Hung Dao Street, Hung Vuong Street, Tran Phu Street and Bach Dang Street, Han Market is not only popular among local and tourist alike but also the most important trading point of Da Nang City.

If you are looking for some typical Danang’s souvenirs before heading home, Han market is an ideal place. If you have more time to spare in Vietnam, do not miss to stock up on local snacks and fresh fruits but if you are flying overseas after, you may take limited dried food with you. Ly Son garlic, dried squids, dried rice crackers and chili paste are some specialties that you can find in Han market. Fruit stalls, abundant with tropical items from bananas to jackfruits can be found at the front of the market. Besides the wide variety of choices, the relatively low prices are also what make Han Market so attractive.

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