The idyllic beauty of Binh Thuan

Sliding sand on Doi Cat Bay in Binh Thuan
Located in the sunny and windy weather in the South Central coast region, famous for its beaches and beautiful coastal streets, Binh Thuan is one of the most scenic and breathtaking destinations. And it’s great that Binh Thuan is not much affected by tourism. Below is what only Binh Thuan has and is the pride of the land and local people here.
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Mui Ne and coastal road

Located just 22km from the center of Phan Thiet City, Mui Ne is the most famous tourist center of Binh Thuan province, which is home to over 70% of resorts in the country. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that Mui Ne is also known as the “Resort Capital” attracting a large number of international tourists seeking fun and relaxation. When you name Mui Ne, people will think about straight roads of coconut trees, stretching beaches, blue sea, white sand and great seafood…

Mui Ne is the name of the land protruding into the sea, where in the old days when there were storms the fishermen of Binh Thuan anchored boats. The center is the Nguyen Dinh Chieu road, considered as the province’s most important tourist destination, also the most concentrated resort in Vietnam.

The beautiful coastal road from Mui Ne to Bau Trang scenery

The beautiful coastal road from Mui Ne to Bau Trang scenery- source: internet

As one of the provinces in the South Central Coast region close to the sea, it is not difficult to understand when Binh Thuan owns the romantic coastal roads with sunny and wind.

Sand Hill – The simple charm of Binh Thuan

The nature gives Binh Thuan – Ninh Thuan province countless beautiful sand hills in the country, in which the most concentrated sand area in Mui Ne are Bau Trang and Doi Cat Bay. This is the most tourist attraction to Binh Thuan after beach and resort. With wild scenes like the remote African deserts, these sand hills have been documented by many tourists and photographers as characteristic images of Binh Thuan. Tours to Indochina

Sliding sand on Doi Cat Bay in Binh Thuan

Sliding sand on Doi Cat Bay in Binh Thuan -source: interet

Located not far from the center of Mui Ne, Mui Ne sand hill or another name is Doi Cat Bay, daily welcoming thousands of tourists to visit and play. This is a unique sand hill in Vietnam, with bright yellow under the sun, always changing the shape by the wind blowing from the sea.

The most beautiful time is the sunset moment on the sand hills, when the sun off, tourists can comfortably go barefoot. Coming to Mui Ne, Binh Thuan, you can join games on the sand hills at very low prices.

Kingdom of Dragon Fruits

If Ninh Thuan is well-known by grapes and sheep, Binh Thuan is known as the land of dragon fruit kingdom, which owns nearly 20,000 ha of land in the province. These dragon fruit trees belong to cactus family, easy to plant and good drought tolerance, suitable for the South Central climate especially in Binh Thuan. In recent years, Binh Thuat province pays special attention to dragon fruit, which is considered as the spearhead of the export economy extending many markets around the world, contributing to job creation for local people.

Binh Thuan dragon fruit is bright red, not too large and has a natural sweet taste. It will be very fortunate for you to visit the town of Lagi on the days of the dragon fruit, when all the way is green – red of prosperity, to directly visit the garden and choose your own dragon fruit.

Simple smile of farmers and the specialty of this homeland attract many tourists

Simple smile of farmers and the specialty of this homeland attract many tourists -source: internet

The roads are as beautiful as the American West region

Due to its landscapes and extreme climate, Binh Thuan owns a lot of barren soils, even places that have to run through the “desert”. It is these things that have unquestionably made the streets as beautiful as the distant American western region, especially attract young people who are passionate adventure.

The road to Bau Trang stretching out to the end of the horizon, one of Binh Thuan’s two most famous sand hills, the perfect place for a lotus pond landscape in the middle of the desert.

The windmill in Tuy Phong, Binh Thuan, bordering Ninh Thuan, is rated as the place having most delicious squid and deepest sea in Vietnam. These giant turbines were built with the ability to transform wind into precious electrical energy.

With the simple charming, Binh Thuan is a destination that you definitely should come for adventure.

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