Highly recommend top 4 tourism destinations in Bao Loc

Staying in tree house is an memorable experience when travelling to Bao Loc
Dam B’ri waterfall in Bao Loc
Located 18km from the central of Bao Loc city, Dam B’ri waterfall is the highest and most majestic waterfall in Lam Dong with 57m high, 30m wide. From this height, the water poured down the white foam, forming a virtual mist. Also, in the sunny days, visitors always admire the beautiful rainbow at their feet. At the foot of the waterfalls, there is a small bridge connecting the two sides growing green moss all year round, making the romantic and ancient scene. Travel Indochian 

Watching rainbow at Dam B'ri waterfall in Bao Loc

Watching rainbow at Dam B’ri waterfall in Bao Loc -source: internet

Hiden behind the tea and coffee hills, the Dam B’ri waterfall in Bao Loc is formed from the favor of nature. With a waterfall of over 60m high, with huge masses of water flowing down day and night with white foam to create a mysterious and majestic scene. Coming here, tourists will be immersed in the natural space with many attractive outdoor activities like experiencing staying in the tree houses.

Staying in tree house is an memorable experience when travelling to Bao Loc

Staying in tree house is an memorable experience when travelling to Bao Loc- source: internet

A 3m model of a tree house, leaning against the old trees will be an enjoyable experience when tourists visit this place. Tree house price per person is around Vnd800,000 per night for 2 people including breakfast, coffee and soft drinks.

Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda

Located about 21km from south of Bao Loc city, Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda is placed at Hill 45, Hamlet 4, Loc Thanh, Bao Lam, Lam Dong – known as “heaven gate” , where tourists can look out to see a large space and immersed in the sky and mountains. North vietnam travel

Linh Quy Phap An pagoda

Linh Quy Phap An pagoda – source: internet

Quan Chieu Duong is quite popular place for a lot of people coming to thanks to its unique architecture. Two lions sit in front of the Quan Chieu Duong like “keep” peace for this place. Inside Quan Chieu Duong, the interior is beautifully designed, with a nostalgic look with wooden pillars and yellow lamps.

Tam Chau Tea Hill

Known as the tea city, Bao Loc is home to the largest tea growing area not only in Lam Dong, but also in the Central Highlands and the South area. Tea grown in Bao Loc is mainly O Long tea with low body. The B’lao tea brand (old name of Bao Loc) became familiar to many tea lovers long ago. B’lao tea is not as bitter as Bac tea, it is more sweet and fragrant.

There is no long history like Cau Dat tea hill ( in Dalat), Tam Chau tea hill in Bao Loc still makes the tourists feeling in love. If possible, tourists should wake up early and come here in the early morning when it is still foggy, watching the dew still on the leaves, walking on the roads around the lake, and enjoying the hot tea on your hands.

Beautiful Tam Chau green tea hill farm in Bao Loc

Beautiful Tam Chau green tea hill farm in Bao Loc – source: internet

Bat Nha Monastery

Mentioning Bao Loc, it is impossible not to mention Bat Nha Monastery. The name alone evokes elegance. As a spiritual tourism destination, Bat Nha Monastery brings a calm atmosphere, with hidden temples in the green pine forest. Coming here, tourists can take a visit, participate in Buddhist ceremony, and stay overnight in the clean guesthouses. Cool water used in the Bat Nha monastery is taken from water streams in the forest all year.

With “moving” enthusiasts, perhaps Bao Loc is one of the destinations not to be missed.

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