Highlight of Vietnam_12 colorful flower seasons (part 3)

A girl next to Hoa Loa Ken
April is a lovely season with many kinds of flowers blossoming, from the North to the South, from the delta to the mountain. Now, let’s look at some representatives from all over the country. Travel Indochina to Vietnam
The North

At the end of spring, you can see the white color of Easter Lilys, Vietnamese name is Hoa Loa Ken. Its name comes from its shape, which looks like a trumpet. Like many other countries in the world, Vietnamese adore this flower, especially Hanoian. When you visit the capital this time of a year, you can easily find many Easter Lilys street vendors all around the city. It seems to me and many people that in very corner of this ancient town, you can spot this lovely kind of flower.

A girl next to Hoa Loa Ken

A girl next to Hoa Loa Ken- source: internet

In the past, it used to have irregular blooming time; but now, thanks to the technological advance, it is forced to be its most attractive form at the right time, around April. Also, besides the white color, Vietnamese loves other variety like The Pink Heaven.

Lilys has been cultivated for a long time, but only when the French colonized Vietnam did it become popular. Nowadays, it is mostly planted for cutting flowers. And remember, though it is beautiful, it may be a little bit poisonous. ho chi minh to phnom penh cruise

Hoa Giay is a vine which can conquer the most difficult and poorest soil. You might love its dark pink combined perfectly with the dark yellow of the classic Southern wall. Its vines have a romantic and gentle shape in nature. To me, Hoa Giay is like a girl, who might look modest but unexpectedly attractive. We cannot put an eyes off her just because of her lively petal color and also dark green leaves.

Hoa Giay in the morning

Hoa Giay in the morning- source : internet

The South

If April in the North has a luxurious image with Easter Lilys, the South at that time is beautiful in a bright and humble way with Hoa Giay and Hoa Muong Muong.

Hoa Muong Muong

English name is Golden Rain Tree, Vietnamese name is Hoa Muong Muong or Hoa Muong Hoang Yen.Like its original idea of its English name, this flowering plant’s Vietnamese name comes from its bright yellow color, which is similar to the color of a bird feather. Hoa Muong Muong is often planted to have shade as well as beautify the city.

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