Hanoi and its lake

Co Ngu Street and West Lake
Hanoi has many lakes. My grandmother said that, when she was a little girl, she could meet many lakes on the way she went to school. You can also see that in many pictures of old Hanoi. Road by road, lake by lake. And those lakes used to be very big. My grand mom also described West Lake as a sea as you could not see it bank. Every time she wanted to meet my granddad, they had to bike from West Lake to Sword Lake. She studied at Dong Khanh high school, Trung Vuong Secondary School nowadays, which is near Sword Lake. He learnt at Buoi high school, Chu Van An school currently, which is next to West Lake. So, it is reasonable to say that their love story was attached to Hanoi’s lakes. Every time they told us about their dates with their sparkling eyes, I can imagine how peaceful and romantic they were. Travel to Hanoi with: Vietnam travel tours

Co Ngu Street and West Lake

Co Ngu Street and West Lake – source: internet

To me, Hanoi and its beautiful lakes always have an effortless charm. Its charm is related to many student life stories, especially first loves at school. Running along West Lake is Co Ngu Street, its current name is Thanh Nien. This street with Phuong flower blossoming in every summer might me one of the unforgettable memories in many Hanoians. Many girls in white Vietnamese traditional dresses, ao dai have made the street more elegant and lively for a long time. And also, for a long time, gathering together, biking around West Lake, sipping some coconut juice have been one of the most common activities of students in Hanoi.

Phuong flower and Sword Lake

Phuong flower and Sword Lake- source: internet

Near West Lake, there are some other romantic roads, namely Japanese or Korean ones. These roads are named not because there are many Japanese or Korean living there. They got their names thanks to its wonderful characteristics. Japanese road is located in the middle of West Lake. Its left hand side is spectacular view of a big lake, while its right hand side is a gentle view of a lotus pond. At this time of the year, from the end of May to the end of August, when you come there, you will be lost in its amazingly subtle scent. If you are a big fan of photography, you might love visit this road more. The reason why is that there are many beautiful girls coming there to take some shots in the lotus pond. It is very attractive. I and my friends used to go there every summer to refresh our lives. Maybe when she comes back from her long business trip, we might visit this nice road again.

Take photo in Lotus in West lake

Take photo in Lotus in West lake – source: internet

Hanoi and its lake also ease the heat of the city on summer days. Temperature in Hanoi in summer sometimes can reach up to 38 Celsius Degree. To be honest, it can be a torture when you have to go out under this heat. But every cloud has a silver lining. You can cherish or understand more deeply about the meaning of a wonderful glass of coconut juice. It is like a heaven. And though we cannot stand the heat of an over-exciting sun in summer in the morning, we totally love the summer breezes while sitting next to the lake in the evening. Every time I am snowed under at work, I go there, order some juice and sip my pain away. It works every time, and I always feel as right as rain. Trust me! Indochina travel reviews

Sunset in West Lake

Sunset in West Lake – source: internet

Anyway, I think Hanoi cannot be completed without its lakes. They are part of the daily lives of locals. They are part of the precious memories of many Hanoians. They add love, peace and beauty in the charm of the city. And if you are interested in discovering more hidden beauties of Hanoi, you can contact my friend. They are friendly and reliable. And also they know a lot about Hanoi and its lakes. I hope you will have wonderful time in Hanoi, our city.

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