Haggling tips in Vietnam

Haggling tips in Vietnam

For some people, haggling can be annoying and time consuming. To some others, it can be the most intimidating task. Ignoring these negative feeling this activity may bring to you and try to look on the other bright side: after all, doing haggling is a unique whole cultural experience. Vietnam travel packages

Haggling tips in Vietnam

Haggling tips in Vietnam –source: www.vwvagabonds.com

For most travelers coming from North America or Europe, most prices are fixed and well notes are the chances. Like several other developing countries, Vietnam likes to play it hidden. Every transaction is open to be bargained, except for restaurants and supermarkets. You will definitely feel encouraged to haggle by imagining the feeling of triumph after you manage to push down the price of an item!

Before haggling, you need to know the price of certain things and this is the rule of thumb. “It’s too expensive for me” or “Can you give some discount?” is polite beginning. You can continue your “battle” even when the shop owner does not show any sign that the price is fixed. Try two third of the price offered (or even half if you think it is reasonable) and until both sides reach an agreement, keep on haggling.

You will know the real price of almost everything after a few times shopping

You will know the real price of almost everything after a few times shopping-source: www.citypassguide.com

Any foreign travelers would certainly encounter overcharging – one of the most problematic issues of Vietnam tourism. You may not be able to image as overcharging comes in every possible way. Expect to be charged tenderly if you enter a shop in where no price labels can be seen! No matter how friendly they are, shopkeepers are likely to have an unreasonable urge to overcharge you on anything you want to buy.  south Vietnam tours

It is acceptable to place higher prices on foreigners, since the cost of living in Vietnam is argued to have accelerated in the past years due to inflation. A lot of people disagree with this idea even though the inflated prices are still relatively cheap for backpackers.  However, even everyone around is cheating you, do not spoil you stunning trip with this assumption.

Market in Vietnam

Market in Vietnam –source: www.vietnamvisa-easy.com

It is advisable to learn the names of some typical goods, drinks and dishes to avoid being overcharged. You will figure out the real price of almost everything, after a few times going shopping. Compare the prices stated in the article with those of a restaurant. Question the server if they are not the same!

Before paying for anything, observing local people buying the same goods is another advice. In addition, asking for a big discount and walking away are some basic bargaining tactics you should stick to. The seller will surely call you back if the real price is close to your price.  You will definitely end up paying at least half of the original price if starting with a price that is only 60% of the quoted price!

Start with a price that is only 60% of the quoted price

Start with a price that is only 60% of the quoted price-source:

Moreover, always remember to verify the price you have to pay. You might have to pay a different (usually higher price) later on if you do not get what the seller is saying. Getting in the habit of bargaining to do yourself a favor! Except for the goods with labeled prices in the supermarkets, never pay the full price in Vietnam.

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