Fascinating experience to explore Fansipan

Fansipan welcomes so many young people

Located on Hoang Lien Son mountain range, far about 9 km from Sapa town center to the west, Fansipan Mountain, which is the highest mountain in Vietnam and the rooftop of Indochina, is a perfect rendezvous for adventure lovers. cruise mekong

The impressive beauty of Fansipan

Impressive beauty of Fansipan

Impressive beauty of Fansipan-source: interent

Hiding much strange impression, the whole massive roof consisting of 3 massifs: Pu Luong, Bach Moc Luong Tu and Fansipan, is an exciting attraction in Sapa. Yet Fansipan Mountainn is the most exotic and mysterious one.

In Fansipan, the flora is relatively diverse. It is approved that this mountain is one of the very few ecotourist sites in this country. 1,680 plant species there are divided into 7 groups with 679 families, some of which are the scarce and precious groups. The area below the foothills is home to jackfruit and rice with relatively dense density, creating magnificent sights, namely Coc San (Coc Mit), Coc Leu (Coc Gao), etc. There are many several-hundred-year-old trees at the height of around 50-60m. Up to the altitude of 700m is tropical belt with tangled vines and dense primitive forests. The above 700m high area concentrates the gymnosperms, for example, Pomu (Fujian cypress in English), which has been quoted as the gold mines of Lao Cai province. On your Sapa tours discoverng Fansipan, you will be immersed in the impressive scenery. mekong delta cruises

Fansipan welcomes so many young people

Fansipan welcomes so many young people- source: internet

Besides Pomu, Fansipan Mountain is also the convergence of many precious woody plants including: cypress, red pine and spruce, etc. Mingling with coniferous forests, which are filled with small wet woody trees, is a wide range of brilliant orchids and azaleas. Almost all year round, Sapa is covered in the colorful flowers, namely estcola, begonia, dahlia, gladiolus, etc. which are relatively rare in the lowland. Particularly, Fansipan owns up to 330 species of 643 orchid species in whole country. Thanks to its special features, Fansipan has been famous for being one of the most impressive tourist sites in Sapa.

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