Explore the beauty of some markets in Ha Giang

Hoang Su Phi Sunday Market
Hoang Su Phi Sunday Market

Hoang Su Phi Sunday Market

Hoang Su Phi Sunday Market-source: internet

Held once a week on Sunday morning, Hoang Su Phi Market in Vinh Quang Town in Hoang Su Phi District, Ha Giang Province takes place along the main street stretching a few kilometers. Even though no one knows exactly how long the market has existed in the area, it has played an important part in the lives of ethnic people of the Tay, Nung, Dao, Hmong and La Chi living on the Tay Con Linh Mountain Range. Not only to exchange their products, they go to the market also to encounter and interact with others. Therefore, Hoang Su Phi market still preserves many unique cultural features of a traditional market in the mountainous areas. Indochina travel services

Ma Le frugal fair, Ha Giang

Ma Le frugal fair

Ma Le frugal fair- source: internet

The fair situated near Lung Cu peak (Dong Van District, Ha Giang Province, which is noisy but not too bustling, attracts others by lyrical landscape of highland, by human sincerity and by the simple inherent beauty. Situated near Lung Cu peak, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province, the small village of Ma Le has long been well known for its traditional market with regular session on the weekend’s morning. It is also a chance to bring people around to sell and buy some products, sometimes also as a chance to meet and make friends. Right from the dawn, when the sun is not awake yet, locals, all in colorful dresses, go down to the market. Following the old to the market are the small children with playful delight, smiles on their way. Bringing babies on their backs are the grandmothers and mothers enjoy buying or selling. The young girls meet friends talking about new dresses and new towels, while somewhere around corn pubs, a few boys gather to drink and get drunk. north Vietnam travel packages

Meo Vac Market

Meo Vac market

Meo Vac market- source: internet

Held every Sunday in Ha Giang province, the Meo Vac Market is unique in the northern mountainous region of Vietnam. The market is not only where the locals living in the karst plateau trade cattle, this market is also a gathering place for the Mong ethnic minority.

Visitors to the region are always encouraged to go to the Meo Vac cattle market to experience this unique local ethnic cultural event. Market goers must start early in the morning. Those selling cattle have to wake up the earliest, usually around midnight, to walk their cows to market.

Xin Man Market

Xin Man Market

Xin Man Market- source: internet

In the northeastern mountainous provinces, such as Ha Giang, exploring local markets can be one of the most interesting experiences of any tourists traveling throughout Vietnam. One of ten districts in Ha Giang, Xin Man District is a small, tranquil destination near the Chinese border. This lovely place has much to offer travelers, especially its Sunday market where a wide range of local fresh fruit specialties, such as corn, wild banana, peach and plum, are available at very reasonable prices.

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