Experience rock climbing in Southeast Asia

Experience rock climbing in Laos

Rock climbing usually requires more than just one’s physical capabilities. While rock climbing can be highly exhausting, not only physically but also mentally, this activity is still described as rewarding, exhilarating and even life-changing by many adventurers. Coming to Southeast Asia, you are bound to experience some of the best international climbing destinations. You can see more: Tours to Indochina

Scale the Limestone Cliffs of Southeast Asia!

With its jagged limestone cliffs, the unique landscape of Southeast Asia is a haven for rock climbing lovers all over the world. The opportunities for rock climbing are superb whether you are a beginner or an expert. In areas such as Halong Bay in Vietnam and Vang Vieng in Northern Laos, you can witness this spectacular topography. In almost every region, be it Vietnam or Laos, climbers can be rewarded with breathtaking views and dedicated and professional instructors.

Halong Bay & Cat Ba National Park, Northern Vietnam

Rock climbing in Cat Ba

Rock climbing in Cat Ba- source: internet

Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site designated in 1994 – which has more than 3,000 limestone monoliths scattered over a total area of 1,500 kilometers, is considered as one of the most charming seascapes on the earth. Formed more than 500 million years ago, the karsts of various different sizes and shapes, which rise impossible out of emerald green waters, just beckon to be climbed! However, it is only until the recent time that this area has welcomed rock climbers.

Joining in a half-day or full-day rock climbing course, you will be taken by boat out into the jaw-dropping scenery of Halong Bay where you will arrive at a deserted beach to begin your climb. Pyramid Cave, Offheimer’s Creation and Moody’s Beach are climbing areas in Halong Bay. The secluded Lien Minh Village is one of these areas to climb on coastal areas of Cat Ba Island itself.

In this area, there are also many opportunities to deep water solo for experienced climbers. Although here in this area of Vietnam, the sport is just taking off, climbers are already dubbing Halong Bay as one of the best places for deep water soloing on the planet! Jasmine cruise halong bay

Best Seasons to Rock Climb in Halong Bay

Rock climbing in Halong Bay

Rock climbing in Halong Bay- source: internet

As Halong Bay is one of the areas of Vietnam which experiences some of the least rainfall in the country, it is possible to climb at any time of the year here. With clear skies, no rain and warm but not too hot temperatures, these months of May, June and September, October, November and December are considered the best months to climb in Halong Bay. If you do not mind working up a sweat while you climb, January to April, which can get very cold, may be the time for you! In spite of many of storms sometimes lasting a few days and the climbs sheltered, it is still possible to climb during these months from July to August – the rainy season in Halong Bay.

Thakhek, Vang Vieng & Luang Prabang, Laos

Wild Climbing in Thakhek

Wild Climbing in Thakhek- source: internet

It was in 2002 when the government offered climbing permits to a small group of American and German climbers that rock climbing in Laos began. Before 2005, without an official permit issued by the Laos government, it was difficult for fun climbers to scale the cliffs, but, now after paying a small fee of $5 to the climbing company, it is possible for people to climb.

Thakhek: The valley located 14 km outside of Thakhek, Central Laos, is thought to be the largest rock climbing area in this country. Climbers will find wonderful routes with overhangs, roofs, tufas and face climbs. There are a total of 321 routes ranging from 4 to around 8c and every season, the bolting continues.

Experience rock climbing in Laos

Experience rock climbing in Laos- source: internet

Vang Vieng: Besides the experience of tubing, for which many backpackers head to Vang Vieng, this lovely town also offers a fantastic opportunity for rock climbing in the remarkable mountainous landscape! Tham Nam Them’s area also offers many routes from 6a’s to 8a+’s. 1 day and 3-day courses together with gear rental are available.

Luang Prabang: Located a 25 minute boat ride from Luang Prabang, Gecko Mountain offers many routes ranging from 5-8a+ for budding rock climbers. As it meanders its way through the town, the cliffs overlook the Mekong River and offers splendid views.

Best Seasons to Rock Climb in Laos

Rock climbing in Vang Vieng

Rock climbing in Vang Vieng- source: internet

Running from November to February, the cool and dry season in Northern/Central Laos offers climbers with some of the best weather conditions. It gets pretty hot from March to the beginning of May, so a lot of sweat is expected to shed! As rain often falls only in the late afternoons in large timely downpours, it is still possible to climb during rainy season in Vang Vieng, which runs from May to October.

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