Che Com (Com sweet dessert)

Speaking of the specialties of Hanoi, everyone considers COM (green rice flakes) as an indispensable part of Hanoi food culture in particular and unique essence of Vietnamese culture in general. Com create an exceptional character cannot be mistaken with the other regions in Vietnam. If you are foreigner and you want to taste and enjoy Hanoi’s food to the fullest, Com must be in your must-eat list when traveling to Hanoi, Vietnam. Enjoy Com in Hanoi with: Indochina tours

Com in Hanoi

Com in Hanoi- source: internet

Especifically, Hanoians would think about Vong Village when speaking of Com. This is typical and famous product of Vong Village (also known as Hau village) for such a long time. Today it is named as Dich Vong Hau Ward in Cau Giay District, Hanoi.

History of Vong Village

It originated from the legend: A thousand years ago, in autumn, when the rice began to ripen, it was rainy heavily, even the highest rice fields also drowned in water. Vong villagers had to cut young rice to roast and store to eat day by day. Unbelievably, it has attractive flavor, making village people often eat Com every fall. And its repute go beyond the village through the time. In the past, it became the noble specialty in Ly dynasty (1009-1225). Gradually, Com industry of Vong village spreaded around adjacent villages such as of Mai Dich, Me Tri … and now becomes popular food in Hanoi.

The best time to enjoy delicious Com

The fall crop of Com lasts nearly three months, starting from 1st July onwards according to Lunar Calendar. People have to wait until July if they want to eat fragrant, yummy Com. Because the sweetness, softness and green color of Com depend on the beginning, middle, ending period of the harvest. Vietnam tours packages

Cha Com (grilled chopped meat with Com)

Cha Com (grilled chopped meat with Com)- source: internet

How to preserve Com

Com are always made from yellow glutinous rice with special aroma. It is wrapped by two lotus leaves. The fragrance of lotus leaf mixed with young sticky rice bring about sweet-smelling countryside specialty. In addition, if people want to eat gradually, they must store Com at the temperature below 10 degrees Celsius. People can use the ice compartment of the refrigerator for preservation in unlimited storage time. And before eating, people have to take out Com from the ice box, let it defrost in 15 minutes. Then Com will return to the state of fresh, soft as new.

Che Com (Com sweet dessert)

Che Com (Com sweet dessert)- source: internet

Food made from Com

Com is usually eaten with bananas. Then like other daily meals, Hanoians usually drink green tea after enjoying Com. Furthermore, Com can also be used to make a lot of food such as Com cake, Com sticky rice, che Com (Com sweet dessert), cha com (grilled chopped meat with Com)… In particular, Com cake is the most popular food which is processed from Com.

Com is usually eaten with bananaCom is usually eaten with banana

Com is usually eaten with banana- source: internet

Xoi Com (Com sticky rice)

Xôi Cốm (Com sticky rice)- source: internet

Nowadays, Hanoi has been developing more, there are not many households producing Com as before. However, up to now, Com still holds an important place in the heart of Hanoi’s food lovers and it is the symbol of autumn in Hanoi. Hanoians love to buy a package of Com while enjoying cool atmosphere, gold leaves falling on the streets in autumn. It can be seen that the essence of Hanoi food culture has been still kept through many generations.

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