Xoi nep nuong
Speaking of Mai Chau – Hoa Binh tourism, people often mention special food culture here. These dishes are the essence of Thai Ethnic. Com lam, xoi nep nuong, Muong Pork, mang dang, nuoc la phao, ca suoi nuong… are tasty dishes you definitely have to try when visiting Mai Chau. Hereunder are 5 of the most delicious specialties of Mai Chau. You can see more: The north Vietnam tours

Mai Chau

Mai Chau- source: internet

  1. Mang Dang (Bitter bamboo shoot)

Mang Rung forest is a specialty of Mai Chau and this is always available in every house. Local people often go to the forest, pick bamboo shoots, soak or dry them to eat gradually. Bamboo shoots can be processed into a variety of dishes such as stir-fry, boil, make fish soup,…

Mang Dang

Mang Dang-source: internet

  1. Ga Doi (A kind of chicken)

Mai Chau chicken is usually about 1kg. Ga Doi is not raised indoors, it is grazed freely on the hill so it is brawnier than mass-produced industrial chicken. Ga Doi can be processed into many dishes such as grill, boil, stir-fry… but the best specialty is grilled chicken which is marinated with characteristic spice of Muong people.  It can be used with com lam or xoi ngu sac.

Grilled Ga Doi

Grilled Ga Doi – source: internet

  1. Com Lam (Rice in Bamboo)

Com Lam Mai Chau is made from gao nep nuong (a kind of glutinous rice) so it is fragrant and viscid. Before cooking Com Lam, Mai Chau people will choose suitable bamboo tube or bamboo shoots, neither too old nor too young. Then, put rice into the bamboo tube which has been cut longer more than one hand. It includes sticky rice, cold water and little salt to make rice tastier. Finally, cover the mouth of bamboo tube by banana leaf and place it on the fire. After being cooked on a charcoal stove, Com Lam is used with sesame salt. In addition, a complete Com Lam dish must have a traditional spice of Thai ethnic called “cham cheo”. Vietnam tour packages

Com Lam

Com Lam -source: internet

  1. Xoi Nep Nuong(A kind of cooked glutinous rice)

Muong people always gao nep nuong to make Xoi (sticky rice). It is a type of glutinous rice on terraced fields in Mai Chau valley. Glutinous rice is soaked for hours with leaves and herbs to create different color before cooking. Muong women cook Xoi by a steamed wooden. The process of cooking Xoi requires skill and patience.

Xoi nep nuong

Xoi nep nuong- source: internet

  1. Muong pork

Muong pork (thit lon Muong), also called as thit lon cap nach, thit lon man, lon nit,… is a kind of pork which has long body, pointed snout, small ears, thin legs, long and hard hairs. It is raised in natural conditions, grazed in the forest. Muong pigs only eats trees, grass, doesn’t eat industrial food so its meat is lean, low in fat. Muong pork can be processed into many attractive dishes such as grill, roast, fry … This is one of highland-flavored dishes and indispensable part in every meal treating guest of Muong People.

Thit lon man

Thit lon man -source: internet

Mai Chau, has long become a popular tourist destination because of its rustic, peaceful beauty. Coming to Mai Chau, visitors have opportunity not only to see superb view of mountains, forests, hills,… but also eat unique specialties. Beside 5 dishes above, Mai Chau’s food culture possess many other yummy specialties that visitors would want to taste.

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