Delicious Dishes Must Try This Summer In Nha Trang

The delicious grilled beef marinated with unique spices

Famous for its beautiful beaches, you will enjoy the location as the blue sea, Nha Trang is also attracted by the delicious food that you have experienced. Delicious dishes must try this summer in Nha Trang will take you a quick tour to Nha Trang cuisine, make you fall in love with this beautiful city. You can read more: Jasmine cruise halong bay

Seafood from fishing village

Nha Trang is a coastal city, so it is not surprising if tourists are attracted by the fishing villages. Under clever hands of local people combined with magic local spices, you can enjoy seafood at restaurants or by the seashore. In addition to the familiar seafood such as shrimp, squid, octopus … visitors will have change discover more seafood species featured in the coastal city such as white jade, sea urchin shell fish…The best seafood in Nha Trang is the nightly food offered at the fishing village. Here, seafood will be left in the basin, which kind of fresh raw. You just select the species you like and wait for the seller to prepare for you. Each kind of seafood can be processed into various dishes such as steamed, roasted, roasted, fried … Whatever cuisine technique, the freshness, appeal of each dish that no one can resist.

Seafood sauce in Nha Trang is also quite rich. In addition to pepper, lemon mustard … they also have green pepper spicy and sweet sauce. Fresh crayfish, steamed or roasted hot, hardy crabs are evaporating; Stir-fried squid octopus are waiting for you to stop and enjoy amazing sea flavor.

Camping and enjoy the pure seafood in Nha Trang

Camping and enjoy the pure seafood in Nha Trang- source: internet

Mango rice paper

This is a kind of cake that tourists love and often buy as gifts for relatives. Cake made from ripe mango and a little sugar. Nha Trang has this kind of cake because local people grow a lot of sand mango, people do not eat all of it so they processed into mango rice cake. The cake is sour, sweet and particularly sweet aroma of natural mango. south vietnam travel

Many visitors buy mango rice papers as sweet travel gifts

Many visitors buy mango rice papers as sweet travel gifts- source: internet

Nha Trang baked rolls

Coming to Nha Trang, perhaps no visitors do not enjoy this dish. The most frequently search and focus visitors are Ninh Hoa. There are two types of nem noodles and baked rolls. Like other types of spring rolls, Ninh Hoa rolls are made from pigskin but are wrapped with young leaves or young leaves to create a special aroma. When spring rolls are baked, you will feel the sweet and sour smell. The roast nem is better when you enjoy the same vegetables and less sour pickles, cucumber, banana curls rolled in the cake coated with frost, with sweet and sour sauce. The reason why Ninh Hoa delicious delicious reputation is because materials are selected and processed meticulously Ninh Hoa so that there is no special flavor like any other kind of spring elsewhere.

Nha Trang baked rolls are perfect snack in summer

Nha Trang baked rolls are perfect snack in summer- source: internet

Banh Can- mini pancake.

South Central is the origin of bread. Although originating from Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan, but through hand processing Nha Trang people, Nha Trang cake outside the taste of rice flour also taste of liberty as the personality of the people here. The cakes are similar to the cakes of the South, but different stages of cake.

Banh Can is what makes Nha Trang cake. In addition to the basic cake with egg quail eggs, chicken or beef, Nha Trang people also add squid, mussels and shrimp steamed into the base of shrimp paste, mussels or prawns. Or you can also call the cake, want to eat just what the seller said. Add a spoonful of grease on top of the cake, sprinkle a little fried bread, pick up vegetable stalk, pinch the mango, this mixture dissolves in crispy mouth, wrapping all the smell, taste and color of the dish.

Banh Can- the perfect match for the summer

Banh Can- the perfect match for the summer- source: internet

Grilled beef on coal.

Although not a coastal city but not so that other dishes in Nha Trang faded. In the evenings, after hiking and rides on sprawling beaches, you can sip your friends with your beef, grill the beef, and eat and enjoy. Grilled beef is a very delicious dish, attracted by the aroma of meat cooked on charcoal. The beef is chopped in chopped bones, marinated with honey and seasoned with spices and then placed on the charcoal stove for about 15 minutes. When ripe, aroma radiate asphyxiated, the fat burning fizz overcooked many customers hard to hold. This dish is served with cool vegetables such as salads, tomatoes, onions, and spices.

The delicious grilled beef marinated with unique spices

The delicious grilled beef marinated with unique spices- source: internet

Experiencing cuisine is a amazing way to exploring local culture. Delicious dishes must try this summer in Nha Trang is what you need to prepare for your food trip to Nha Trang perfectly.

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