Cu Chi tunnels the “Iron Land” of Vietnam

revolutionary base of Vietnamese soldiers during Vietnam war which probably suffered most from painful bombing, chemical and enemy mopping up operations during the Vietnam war. However, Cu Chi was still standing firmly and proudly like the people living there. Years later, Cu Chi has never stopped developing and now becoming one of the most appealing tourist attraction spots for those who are into history in the North of Vietnam.
Cu Chi contains two relics: Ben Duoc relic and Ben Dinh relic which is approximately 13 km away from each other. In each spot, tour guides are available to show tourists around the tunnel system and support travelers in experiencing many activities there.

Solder status illustrating the weapon making activity in Cu Chi tunnels

Solder status illustrating the weapon making activity in Cu Chi tunnels- source: internet

First stop should be the outdoor museum. If you are keen on traveling back to that period of time to have a general concept of how things were going on, this area is a must-see location which presents sightseers with impressive models, magnanimous documents illustrating lively and truly historical battles of Vietnamese people in the war. Additionally, behind the hall is the set-up of Vietnam’s well-known tourist attractions throughout the country from the North to the South comprising: Hue, One pillar temple, Sai Gon bridge, Long Bien bridge, Hoang Sa-Truong Sa archipelagoes, etc. These might take you hours to get around. Indochina tours

Tourists experience the tour inside the tunnel system, Cu Chi Tunnels

Tourists experience the tour inside the tunnel system, Cu Chi Tunnels- source: internet

After that, tourists can head to the most impressive tunnels network which comprises living quarters, kitchen area, bomb shelter and ordnance factories, etc. Experiencing the feeling of walking, crawling in the tunnel network that no history book can afford to describe undoubtedly guarantees travelers the best highlight of their trip to Cu Chi. Doing a tour in Cu Chi tunnels, crawling through this underground system with low oxygen, darkness, humidity, and heat hearing the real shots going off at the background promises to bring sightseers to surprised. The section available for tourists is 120m in length and designed larger with two floors suitable for foreign visitors’ size, alternatively, travelers can also get into the tunnels via one of the concealed entrances. Inside the tunnel, it gets quite dark, humid and stuffy in spite of several air holes is dig around the network demanding the local people an incredible courage and energy to overcome and spend years of living there.

Tourists experience shooting in Cu Chi tunnels

Tourists experience shooting in Cu Chi tunnels- source: internet

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