What should be considered before you go Sapa

Tips to visit Sapa markets

Taking photosThe very first thing you need to know is that even though tourists are not banned in these markets, you are all there thanks to their hospitability, not their duty and responsibility. Therefore, if you want to take some photos of them, pay respect to them by asking them before you do. To get more information, you can click: Travel Indochina tours


It is likely that most tourists will choose to buy brocades as souvenirs and don’t hesitate to pay as it takes such a long time to complete a piece of brocade.


You should wear sport shoes and prepare to explore if you want to experience rough topography such as Lung Khau Nhin and Sin Cheng. Remember to bring a raincoat and a coat with you as the weather in Sapa is rather erratic.

Tips to visit Sapa markets

Tips to visit Sapa markets- source: internet

What to buy in Sapa markets?


Going to Sapa market, tourists will definitely get lost in the maze of beautifully colorful brocades. It is amazing when knowing that it takes up to two weeks of sewing to make only a one-span piece of brocade. As the clothes represent the local girls’ skills and extreme patience, they may spend months just completing one dress.

Colorful brocade

Colorful brocade- source: internet

Local fruits

Thanks to its much cooler climate than other provinces in Northern Vietnam, Sapa gives you a chance to try the special local fruits only available in temperate zone such as pear and peach, which are organically grown along mountain sides. Not larger than a tea cup, Sapa’s pear and peach, which are covered with a thin layer of white powder, are sweet, sour and a little bit acrid. Not in plastic bag, fruits are kept in bamboo baskets to avoid bruised. In addition, local vegetables like dried mushrooms and chayote are also what you should buy. Without preservatives, these fruits are best to be enjoyed while inland. online travel Vietnam

Vietnamese medicinal herbs

Vietnamese medicinal herbs

Vietnamese medicinal herbs- source: internet

Many kinds of Vietnamese medicinal herbs, both fresh and dried are found in Sapa market. However, in order to choose the right herbs at reasonable price, it is advised for foreign customers to have a local friend or guide. Separately sold or packed together for treating different diseases, herbs are used for traditional massage as well as herbal bath. Moreover, one of the most favorite products in Sapa is raw honey. These light weight products are suitable to bring back home.

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What should be considered before you go Sapa

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