The charming of Ly Son island

Ly Son island is known as Maldives of Vietnam
Sa Huynh – Champa – Viet residents are closely attached with the formation and development of Ly Son Island. They have protected the sovereignty of the island and left many valuable cultural heritages that are preserved and promoted until now. On January 1st, 1993, Ly Son Island was officially established, which is separated from Binh Son district, Quang Ngai province. halong bay luxury cruise

Ly Son island is known as Maldives of Vietnam

Ly Son island is known as Maldives of Vietnam -source: internet

At present, there are 5 mountains on the island which are evidence of volcanic eruptions. Volcanic eruption and deactivation have created spectacular natural landscapes on the island. In which, Thoi Loi mountain has the highest peak of Ly Son Island (149 m). Currently, at the top of the mountain there is a freshwater lake containing about 30,000 cubic meters of water supplying both fresh water to both large islands and small islands.

Standing on the top of Thoi Loi mountain, you can admire the whole scenery of the Ly Son island with a harmonious combination of the blue color of sea water, the green color of the trees and the pure white color and sand. All created a wonderful natural scenery, namely Ly Son.

Water lake is located on the crater. The long grass stretches over the lake is the ideal place for local people to graze cattle. Each stone on grass field also seems to have a particular shape. Indochina Sails cruise halong bay

At the bottom of Thoi Loi mountain is Hang Cau. Hang Cau is corrugated with waves and breezes, deep in the heart of the mountain and formed thousands of years ago from lava. The scenery here is quite wild but bring a beautiful, romantic charm to visitors. This is where the Ly Son people often fishing. And at the bottom of the sea, there are also a lot of seaweed so perhaps this cave is called Hang Cau.

Beautiful beach at Hang pagoda in Ly son island

Beautiful beach at Hang pagoda in Ly son island -source: internet

Along the road to the peak of Thoi Loi mountain is the flag pole of the country, which started construction on May 4th, 2013. The flag tower has a height of 20m, and the flag pole pedestal and foundation was built with concrete facing the Hoang Sa archipelago.

Hang Pagoda in An Hai commune belonging to the great island, was established under the reign of King Le Kinh Tong. In front of the pagoda, there is a large statue of Buddha in the lotus pond. In the middle of the courtyard there is a lotus pond with Buddha statues. Hang Pagoda is 24 m long and has a ceiling height of 3.2 m and an area of 480 m².

It is called Hang Pagoda because it is in the largest cave in the cave system in Ly Son, which is made up of Thoi Loi mountain range, lava, and 20 m high mountain cliffs.

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