Buying or renting motorbike in Vietnam?

Rent a motorbike and you do not need to worry about buying and selling

Because of many options and availability, many people find it hard to choose between buying and renting motorbikes in Vietnam. Hereunder are the details and facts to help you to decide what is the better thing to do in buying vs renting motorbikes. You can see more: north Vietnam packages

Cheap Motorcycles

What is more interesting than exploring Vietnam by motorbike

What is more interesting than exploring Vietnam by motorbike- source: internet

A Chinese copy of a Honda Win 110cc is the cheapest for those who want to buy bikes. Simply because they are on budget or dealers cheated by the name, this bike is the most popular choice among tourists coming to Vietnam. Dishonest sellers advertised Honda Win instead of saying Chinese Win.

Quality Motorbikes

You will need a bit more budget if you prefer to rent motorcycles just to save the headache of purchasing and then figuring out how to sell them at the end of your trip. It is also possible to rent something prettier than what you can afford to buy. To be honest, when renting a bike, to make sure they work, you are likely to check every bit, everyone wants the best quality product. On the other hand, when buying a bike (mostly due to budget issues), people tend to ignore the risk and accept pretty low quality standards that are unacceptable in their home country.

Real Touring Bikes

There are bigger motorcycles from companies like Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Ducati, KTM, BMW, Triump, Kawasaki and Royal Enfield, etc. But because they cost between 10,000$US to as much as over 100,000$US each, it is not practical to mention. For imported touring bikes above 125cc, Vietnam charges 120% taxes or more. Vietnam tours packages


Check your motorbike well before buying

Check your motorbike well before buying- source: internet

In Hanoi, you can usually find more motorbikes for sale than in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). Moreover, in the Southern part of the country, the roads are much easier (though more crowded) and more charming (yet challenging) in the Northern part of Vietnam with many higher mountains. Everyone wants to save the best for the last.


Now, most of touring motorbikes you can buy are either used or brand-new Chinese copycats of the famous Honda Win. Normally, they will come with 110cc electric start, 4 speeds and cost from 500 to 600$US (new) or 150-400$US (used). Even though many dealers advertise Honda Win, in fact it is just a Chinese copy. Look for “Honda” as the brand when checking the registration paper, if not, that is a Chinese generic product. Looking for the electric start to distinguish if it is a Chinese or not, Chinese copies has both kick and electric starts and the Japanese Honda only came with kick start. The quality of Chinese parts, especially the braking system, is pretty poor! Go for it if you think your life costs that amount of money.


Also available but costing much more are Japanese manual touring motorbikes. Because most of real touring bikes are imported products, a real one is very expensive. Note that in addition to standard import tax of 90%, Vietnam has luxury tax of 20% thus bikes below 125cc cost less than over 125cc. Not all people know this when looking at prices. For a used 125-150cc touring bike, expect to pay 500-1000$US or for a new bike – from 2,500$US.


Honda Win

Honda Win – source: internet

With the cheapest possible prices, you can imagine how the quality of a Chinese copy will be. If you pay less, you cannot get a good quality. Meanwhile, Japanese bikes are almost the same everywhere. They have to pass many quality regulations and checks (lights, braking, safety and emission, etc.).

What you need?

Not only knowing mechanic basics, you also have to be ready for any challenges on the road. Because this bike just completes a long trip, you likely need to do some service before you start if you buy a used motorbike.


Motorbike for rent

Motorbike for rent- source: internet

Those renting a touring bike in Vietnam likely get more advice and support from professional motorbike rental outfits. Even though a few shops still offer Belorussian Minsk or cheap Chinese Win fakes, most of bikes are Japanese products. Due to shipping of the bikes back to the original destination, one-way rental costs more. In fact, Vietnam is still one of the cheapest countries to hire a touring bike.

Available bikes

Though in Hanoi, you can easily find more (and better) manual touring and off-road motorbikes than in Ho Chi Minh City, most of motorbikes for rent are new and in good conditions. Besides the standard of 125cc, you can also find bigger bikes of 150cc, 230cc, 250cc and even 400cc.

Why rent?

Rent a motorbike and you do not need to worry about buying and selling

Rent a motorbike and you do not need to worry about buying and selling – source: internet

Renting a motorbike is for your freedom of mind. You do not need to worry about buying and selling a bike, to service motorbikes before or at the end of the trip. Just carefully choose one and enjoy Vietnam!

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