Banh Tom- The most famous snack in West Lake

The Banh Tom snack is colorful in the boiling pan
It is impossible to know when “Banh Tom” appeared in Hanoi but it is undeniable that “Banh Tom” in West Lake is the most famous one, it is one of the specialities of Hanoi. “Banh Tom” is not luxurious, it is just street food with constant attraction. The popular food with one or two shrimps in a piece of dough of flour and water is deep fried until it gets crispy but the inside part is still soft. Just the very first try will impress anyone. Let’s travel Hanoi to enjoy Banh Tom with: Tours on Indochina

Banh Tom- Just a try

Banh Tom- Just a try -source: internet

How to make a “Banh Tom”

Making “Banh Tom” seems to be easy. The dough is made by flour, water, some yeast, baking powder and turmeric powder then mixed well. Fresh shrimps from West Lake are washed, removes uneatable parts. Then they boil the fry pan, put some dough into it, add one or two shrimps in the frying dough and deep fry until it gets crispy. The boiling oil makes the dough float soon afterward. After that, the cook removes Banh Tom from the pan, wait some minutes for the oil to run down then serve it to the customers. Easier said than done, just the cooks know that making “banh goi” is sophisticate. How to measure the flour and water, keep shrimps fresh, control the fire and remove Banh Tom on time to avoid overcooking requires professional skills. Vietnam travel packages

The ingredients of Banh Tom is not luxurious at all

The ingredients of Banh Tom is not luxurious at all – source: internet

A daughter of a family which have made “Banh Tom” for a long time in Hanoi said that: Actually, “Banh Tom” is a romatic flavor does not depend on the luxurious ingredients from faraway, it is made with the love of people here. The dough is the best flour mixed with the soft and bright tapioca starch. The shrimps should be taken from West Lake because they are the most suitable type for the dish with impressive flavor. Apart from that, the dough is also mixed with crushed sweet potatoes so that we can feel the sweetness from the crispy Banh Tom, the shrimps, egg yolks and also the sweet potatoes.

The Banh Tom snack is colorful in the boiling pan

Thế Bánh Tôm snack is colorful in thể boiling pan- source: internet

Enjoying “Banh Tom”

“Banh Tom” in the capital of Vietnam is not hard to find but the best and most famous one is in around West Lake. We do not know the secret but there is a fact that the food attract so many people to come and try and it still remains until now.

The secret of seasoning depends on each family. We do not eat “Banh Tom” only, we dip it into the special sauce. The sauce is made with the sour from limes, the sweetness of sugar and the aroma of garlic including some slices of kohlrabi, papaya and chili. Sauces in  Hanoi have something in common, they are the harmony of flavors and supports to the flavor of the main dishes.

When the customers pick up a “Banh Tom” with some aroma vegetables, dip them into the special sauce then enjoy the crisp of the food, the sweetness of the shrimps in West Lake and sweet potatoes supported effectively by the flavor of the sauce.

The most important of this snack is its sauce

The most important of this snack is its sauce -source: internet

The special of “Banh Tom” in Hanoi is the poetic sight of West Lake in sunset. The extensive lake looks like an endless mirror to the horizon, reflects the beautiful sky. The ringing bell of Tran Vu pagoda in the bank of the lake together with the peace here when you enjoy the food will make you feel totally relaxed, erase all of your worries.

An experience with Banh Tom in West Lake to see the spectacular sight and feel the warm-heart of people in Hanoi is really worth a trip and a try.

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