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Haggling tips in Vietnam

Haggling tips in Vietnam

For some people, haggling can be annoying and time consuming. To some others, it can be the most intimidating task. Ignoring these negative feeling this activity may bring to you and try to look on the other bright side: after all, doing haggling is a unique whole cultural experience. Vietnam travel packages For most travelers

Mouthwatering dishes in Hue

Steamed rice rolls with roast pork

Nothing is more interesting than relaxing and taking time to enjoy Hue food after a long day experiencing Hue city tour to explore this city. Let’s discover three special dishes and then you will definitely have your own feelings about not only Hue food but also awesome Hue city. Holidays Indochina Pork with lemon grass

Summer coolers in Ho Chi Minh City

Coconut juice

For expats, tourists and even locals, the summer heat in Ho Chi Minh City is such a nightmare challenge. So, it is no surprise to find a wide range of special drinks here, besides coffee. Among them, coconut juice, sugar cane juice, smoothies and nuoc sam are highly recommended. Indochina voyages reviews Coconut juice in