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For expats about to go to Vietnam

Vietnam is a popular expat destination

If you want to experience a true taste of life in the East, living in Vietnam is well worth considering. Although being a poor country associated with a punishing centrally planned economy, Vietnam nowadays has quickly developed as a favorite tourist destination and its peaceful picturesque countryside and spectacular beaches are becoming as much famous

Vietnam beach resort

Sunrise Nha Trang beach hotel and Spa

Both in large cities and in popular coastal and rural destinations, you can find Vietnam’s accommodation range from simple dorm accommodation in hostels targeting to backpackers to first class resorts. No matter what kind of accommodation it is from boutique hotel, luxury hotel hideaways and romantic retreats, all the hotels and resorts in Vietnam meet

Discover Hon Khoi, a peaceful place in Khanh Hoa, Vietnam

Friendly people here will bring you a comfortable feeling

Hon Khoi way Ninh Hoa town (Khanh Hoa) about 10km northeast, including four coastal Ninh Diem Commune, Ninh Thuy, Ninh Hai and Ninh Phuoc. In addition to the famous salt products in the country, it also has the advantage of tourism (Doc Let) and seafood provide Ninh Hoa town. If Hon Khoi right to anchovies

Discover Hoa Phu thanh skiing operators in Danang, Vietnam

Enjoy skiing

Located in Hoa Vang district, Danang city, Hoa Phu thanh skiing operators being more travelers are choosing and reach into the weekend with many exciting games. Not only for the adventurous young people, it is also for the family liked the weekend picnic. Indochina travel Vietnam Phu Thanh Hoa skiing operators in operation since February

Discover Tam Giang mangroves in Quang Nam, central Vietnam

The fabulous beauty of mangrove Tam Giang

In Quang Nam, only Tam Giang commune, Nui Thanh district retained pristine mangrove forest with an area of tens of hectares with trees full of people being preserved, strict protection. Not only have the task of combating climate change, breakwater, protecting the environment, mangroves Tam Giang is also an ideal destination for many foreign tourists