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Discover Cu Chi Tunnel by boat and bicycle

Discover Cu Chi Tunnel by bike

Located in the Củ Chi District of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Cu Chi Tunnel which is a giant network of linking underground tunnels and is part of a much larger network of tunnels underlying much of the country is one of the most interesting destinations in the South Vietnam. It will be much more

My Son – An example displaying the evolution in Vietnam culture

My Son displays the culture of Vietnam many years ago

Comprising more than seventy architectural works, My Son site was an imperial city during the time of Cham kingdom from the fourth to the twelfth century. It is located in a small valley in Duy Tan Commune, Duy Xuyen District, Quang Nam Province, and far 70 kilometers from the southest of Danang City and 40

Top art coffee shops in Saigon, Vietnam

Oromia Coffee

A late afternoon in a quiet coffee shop, smelling the tea, coffee, warm and fragrant smell of bread and then immersed in the flow of music is something people still dream about when you want to escape the noise, Saigon’s busiest. Find these top art coffee shops in Saigon while you’re traveling here. Tours indochina

Travel tips in Danang

Danang City

Being the third biggest city in Vietnam, Danang is a 3 hour drive to the north of Hue and a 30 minute drive to Hoi An in the South, which makes it an ideal stop for those who want to have a break from the hustle tourist areas. Today, Danang is developing into one of

What to do in Long An, Vietnam


Referring to Long An impossible not to mention the famous specialties such as fish soup sour ending, Den rice wine, fresh sausage, peanuts, hot pot sauce … very own dishes from the southwest . Enjoy the food in here is one of the thing that you can do in this holiday. Indochina holidays Vietnam Fruit:

Top foods must try in Cao Bang, Vietnam

Cao Bang Sour Noodle

Referring to Cao Bang, many people immediately think about Ban Gioc waterfalls, Nguom Ngao cave or famous historical siteseeings. Then, we must mention the specialties which everyone has to eat through a time in Cao Bang that you are not to be forgotten. You must try these top foods in Cao Bang to have a

Discover top foods in Cao Bang, Vietnam: Cake

Ant egg cake

Cao Bang has culinary characteristics of ethnic Tay, Nung. The dish called exotic materials processing of forest from both intrigue has brought special pleasure to enjoy. If you have a plan to travel to Cao Bang, Vietnam, don’t forget trying top foods in Cao Bang to have a wonderful trip. Tours Indochina Vietnam Ant egg

Best street foods in Ha Giang, Vietnam

Thang co

Ha Giang is a beautiful province in the north Vietnam. Besides, you will have a chance to try many unique foods here. All distinctions have created a food culture of the ethnic people and also it has created very attractive for tourists to Ha Giang. You can consider this list of best street food in

Street foods to eat in An Giang

Bay Nui Scorpion become ripe with strange taste but delicious street food in An Giang

An Giang is located in Mekong Delta, in the side of southwestern of the country. It is famous for significant street foods with unique flavors and customs. Therefore, here are some of best street foods in An Giang tourists should try. Indochina tours Vietnam Bay Nui Scorpion (Bọ Cạp Bảy Núi) Scorpions, which are sold

What to do in Cao Bang, Vietnam

Cao Bang

Landmarks Tourism Cao Bang has mountains, forests, rivers, streams stretching majestic, immense, many-definition nature unspoiled, pristine. Cao Bang specialties made from materials called exotic forest, just intrigue has brought special pleasure to enjoy. Travel Indochina Vietnam Consult a travel experience shared Cao Bang following is helpful information for your upcoming trip. Places to visit in