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Ly Quoc Su Pagoda

Ly Quoc Su Pagoda

Situated only 50 meters from St Joseph’s Cathedral, right at 50 Ly Quoc Su Street in the Old Quarter Ly Quoc Su Pagoda is considered as one of the oldest one of its type in Hanoi. Although being built in 1131, Ly Quoc Su Pagoda has experienced several renovations to have its nowadays architecture, especially

Things to do in Hoi An, Vietnam

Drop the latern

If one day you visit the “world cultural heritage” Hoi An and struggling not know what to do in this place, so you can refer to the following tips to feel more deeply about life and the people here. Vietnam Cultural Highlights Walking the Town at night: A simple experience, you just step out into the

Best Beach Resorts

Swimming pool

Just about 7km from Phan Thiet City and 200km from Ho Chi Minh City, in Mui Ne Beach situated the Sunny Beach Resort & Spa. In harmonious design, Sunny Beach Resort & Spa is surrounded with the very green grass, and covered by coconut and palm leaf canopy in luxurious decoration with comforts and convenient

Blue Cruiser

Blue Cruiser

Launched in 2001, Blue Cruiser is a group of very motivated people. Understanding that the more they focus on one product, the more professionalism they can achieve and the better services can be offered to the clients, Blue Cruiser team always try their best to bring their customers the best service. Vietnam Cultural Highlights 14D-13N Assisted

Grilled pork noodles – a highlight dish in Vietnam

Delicious dish

Grilled pork with noodles is a popular dish that a lot of places also have a delicious dish with some different flavor. If you have a chance to enjoy, you should eat this delicious food. There are many ways to do noodles delicious kebabs and most important is sewn marinades. If you marinate meat, there