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Top 6 fabulous destinations in Hoa Binh

Thung Nai

Should you book our amazing Halong Bay Day Tour or experience a wonderful life on a Halong Bay cruise already, visit many different renown destinations with cheap Vietnam tour, so now, let get down to start a fantastic trip to the North of Vietnam, visit Hoa Binh province. In this article, we make a list

Top 6 foods in Gia Lai

Gia Lai dried noodle

Top 6 foods in Gia Lai, the land of the Mountains, attracts tourists not only by its majestic beauty but also the wild and amazing culinary culture. Gia Lai dried noodle The people in the Southern part of Vietnam love the “two bowl noodle”, one is dried and the other bowl of noodle soup. However,

Top 4 markets in Sapa

Bac Ha Market

Bac Ha Market Bac Ha district, far from Lao Cai city about 60 kilometers. Bac Ha is the largest fair of Sapa. When going to market, visitors will see the high mountain, terraced fields. Sometimes, tourists have to stop the car in order to get the majestic natural beauty and meet each ethnic group laughing