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Hue food – Hue cuisine

mussel rice

Simple, rustic but extremely tasty and attractive, there are words that all visitors describe when they are enjoying Hue cuisine. Hue cuisine has so many delicious dishes: Com hen, bun bo Hue, che Hue, Banh canh Nam Pho, nem lui Hue… Hue food – che Hue Com hen (mussel rice) Com hen is a culinary

Hanoi Night Market

Hanoi Night Market

Every weekend, Friday to Sunday, 6pm to late, it is time for the Hanoi Night Market. A Night Market which attracts crowds of epic proportions. In all my travels I have never seen a city centre transform to such an extent. From bustling traffic at daytime to a vehicle free pedestrian walkway at night. This

5 Reasons To Fall In Love With Vietnam

Street Food Vietnam

5 Reasons To Fall In Love With Vietnam – Vietnam should be on the top of everyone’s travel list. It’s that simple. With its dramatic landscapes, fascinating history, epic food and pulsating energy, Vietnam will electrify all of your senses and seize you from all angles. Vietnam is at once crazy and serene, thrilling and