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A journey through Vietnam’s Central Highlands

A journey through Vietnam's Central Highlands

Geographically, the Central Highlands of Vietnam is an area of stunning natural beauty which extends from the Cat Tien National Park in the south as far as Quang Nam in the north. For practical purposes most visitors to the region will travel between Dalat in the south and Kon Tum in the north. This region

Sa pa – an ideal destination for backpackers to Viet Nam

Wonderful small town scenes observed from Ham Rong Moutain

Sa Pa is a highland town, a famous resort of Sa Pa district , Lao Cai province, Vietnam. Sapa is an ideal place in Northwest Vietnam  for travellers to come and enjoy uncharted nature with great historical and cultural recognition. It contains many hidden wonders of nature, natural landscape with mountain terrain of hills, green

H’mong life in Vietnam

H'mong life in vietnam

Bags, sashes, skirts — all the clothing of Hmong society demonstrate the skill and artistry of Hmong weavers. Red embroidery adorns black cotton jackets and black aprons for the women. Babies crawl around in black skullcaps topped with red or pink pompoms. Less attractive however, are the realities of Hmong life: rain-demolished mud roads, dry

Northwest Vietnam

Northwest Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country that evokes strong images for many people who have never been there. The reasons behind this lie in a vision of Vietnam that is indelibly linked to war, and one which suffers in the West from a legacy of conflict perpetuated by the Hollywood dream machine. Since the country has