Top list of resorts in Phu Quoc Island

InterContinental Phu Quoc

With 528 square km, wider to the north and narrowing down to the South, Phu Quoc island is a heart shaped slice of paradise with a high central ridge of protected dense rain forest and a fringe of palm lined white sandy beaches. Phu Quoc Island, a sparkling slice of island paradise in the sheltered

Tipping in Vietnam, what should you know?

tipping jar

You might be familiar with tipping in many countries all around the world. Tipping in Vietnam, however, can be a kind of art and psychological game. Is tipping expected in Vietnam? And how can you give it? This writing will prepare you with all the information need in Vietnamese tipping. Is tipping expected in Vietnam?

Vietnam Tours 2019 – Ultimate guide for vegetarians in Hanoi


Vietnam is famous for travelers all over the world because of plenty reasons such as beautiful nature and sceneries, friendly people, rich history and culture. What else? You cannot forget to mentioned the tasty gastronomy which is praised by almost all the traveler forums and newspaper. CNN had written a special article introducing 40 dishes

Experience the beautiful winter with Sapa Vietnam Tours

The gentle beauty of Sapa in winter

Located in the mountainous area of northwest Vietnam, Sapa is well-known for its most wonderful scene in the S-shaped country; especially its unique landscape in winter. Snowing in the tropical climate country like Vietnam seems weird, but when winter says “hello” Sapa is submerged in a pool of immerse white dew and fog that draws

Tips to choose the best Vietnam tour packages from Canada

Hoi An

Here below are tips to choose the best Vietnam tour packages from Canada. Airlines Due to the development of aviation in the last few years, there are many airlines operating flights from Canada to Vietnam and versa. It includes Air Canada, All Nippon Airways, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, China Eastern, China Southern, Korean

Top 5 places to visit in Northern Vietnam during Vietnam itinerary 7 days

Cat Cat village in Sapa

Being the oldest geographical region in Vietnam, the Northern part offers travelers with historical sites as well as beautiful landscapes affected by tropical climate. Your Vietnam itinerary 7 days to that area cannot be completed without going to 5 places below Hanoi   Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam, should be an advisable site in

Top awesome non- touristy things to do in West Lake in Hanoi

Ride a bike around West Lake

Hanoi- a sweet home to not only the historical cultural values but also the modern lifestyle. Paying a visit, you can easily spend weeks in Hanoi and still find something new to do in each passing day. Maybe travelers will flock to the Old Quarter as the first place to admire, but you don’t know

What and where to eat delicious food in Hoi An

Bánh mì – the best Vietnamese sandwich to fall in love with

Hoi An food is quite varied and a wonderful topic to get locals to chat about. If you go on your Hoi An private tours, you will find that an abundance of mouthwatering fresh food gives an almost artistic impression and becomes an essential part of your travel experience. Ask any local who was born

Best Vietnam vacation packages in 2018 part 2

Jaw-dropping beauty of Halong Bay

From the seaside to the mountains, each region of Vietnam has its own unique character making this lovely country in Southeast Asia one of the hottest travel destinations in the world. Travelers come every day to the Land of Blue Dragon to discover some of its most emblematic landscapes and iconic sites. Here are our

Traveling to Ha Giang- the beautiful of North Vietnam

Dong Van plateau

Located in Northern Vietnam, Ha Giang where almost 90% of the population is ethnic minorities with their own unique lifestyles and cultures. Ha Giang is such a unique place untouched by mass travelers. Ha Giang seems to have stood still in time whilst other Vietnamese provinces & cities experienced economic development. The political situation &