Where to find to Ao Dai shop in Hanoi

Some unique patterns of Ao Dai with lace
Ao Dai Thanh Mai- an ideal shop for you
Ao Dai Thanh Mai is a well- known shop for Ao Dai in Hanoi. Being located at No. Bach Mai and No. 275 Cau Giay, this trademark has attracted many customers for more than 10 years. Its customer care is really good, which can make you feel that you are the true God! The staff and designers are always ready to listen your questions and answer them helpfully. Therefore, if you have any confusion about Ao Dai, don’t hesitate to call them or visit the shop. Mekong river travel

Ao Dai Thanh Mai is an ideal choice for you in Hanoi

Ao Dai Thanh Mai is an ideal choice for you in Hanoi- source: internet

In particular, you can buy the material in other places and take it to Ao Dai Thanh Mai for only sewing. For example, you visit Ha Dong Silk Village which is very famous for Vietnamese traditional silk to buy the material you want. Then, you take it to this shop to make Ao Dai. The price is about from 450,000 dong to 700,000 dong for sewing.

 Ao Dai Ribbon and Lace

Some unique patterns of Ao Dai with lace

Some unique patterns of Ao Dai with lace- source: internet

Ao Dai Ribbon and Lace is located at no. 20, To Hien Thanh street. The designs of Ao Dai here are very unique which are really different from those in other places. The highlight of Ribbon and Lace are expressed in its name- the Lace. Lace is mixed and combined with silk in an impressive and beautiful ways. If you love the delicacy of lace and the charm of Ao Dai, this shop is an ideal choice for you. The average price for an Ao Dai with lace is up to 4,000,000 Vietnam dong. Maybe you consider it quite expensive. However, you should know that with this money, you can have a beautiful Ao Dai with lace in your own design. Of course, the professional designers will help you.

Ao Dai is the symbol of Vietnamese charm and women. Visiting this country, you should buy an Ao Dai as the meaningful keepsake. Moreover, wearing Ao Dai and taking some photos in beautiful landscapes in Vietnam is also an interesting idea!

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