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Banh canh

Having long charming beaches, Phu Quoc is where travelers can enjoy a vast variety of seafood which is not only fresh but also awesome in taste. For those who are a huge fan of seafood, all kinds of seafood sold here, which are a real delight to many international tourists when they visit the island in Vietnam are what they should definitely savor. Vietnam travel tours


Grilled Nhum

Grilled Nhum- source: internet

Having brown color and at appearance looking like a coconut after its green skin has been taken off, Nhum is the weirdest shell you should not miss to try in Phu Quoc. You can choose one of two ways to enjoy “Nhum”: well-cooked or cooked. You should not miss raw Nhum if your stomach is experienced with handling raw food. Only after the guests’ order a “Nhum” do the seller cut the whole Nhum into half just like horizontally cutting the coconut. Then, to savor Nhum, you have to squeeze lime juice into it, use a spoon to scoop out its meat from the hard shell, dip it into strong wasabi sauce and it is time to enjoy. The sweet flavor and the fresh taste combined with the sour of lime and wasabi sauce is too good to deny a second help.

Nhong fish

Nhong fish

Nhong fish -source: internet

Can be made into different kinds of dishes: boiled, fried or hot pot dishes or Cha ca, fish cake, Nhong fish is what Phu Quoc is famous for. A small piece of rice paper, some fish cake and fresh vegetables is such an awesome combination for a roll. For a new taste, do not miss Nhong fish cake rolls if you really love spring rolls or summer rolls.

In addition, Nhong fish is mixed to make Goi ca, Nhong fish salad, Nhong fish is also a good topping for a salad. Hidden in the way of choosing a fish and making the sauce used with the salad is the key to a good plate of salad. Not only fresh, the fish must also be cut into thin fillet. Before savoring this salad, it is a must to squeeze the lime to get the dish covered by the juice. Then, use a piece of rice paper to wrap the fish and some vegetables and dip it into a tiny bowl of stunning sauce. The sauce is a harmonious mixture of fish sauce, lime juice, chili, garlic, peanuts and a little bit sugar.

Banh canh

Banh canh

Banh canh -source: internet

A kind of noodles, Banh canh which owns a different taste when being cooked with fish, is a specialty of Phu Quoc. The most popular choice to cook the dish is Thu fish. A bowl full of noodle and soup is served hot with some Thu fish fillets on top. In a same bold, there are three kinds of Thu fish that can be found: the deep-fried fish fillets, the fish ball and the boiled fish. What makes the taste more diverse is the various ways the fish is cooked and served.

Banh Canh Lady Phung situated in a small alley from Nguyen Trung Truc Street is a recommended place to try this dish. north vietnam travel tours

Raw sardine salad

Raw sardine salad

Raw sardine salad -source: internet

Not only popular among locals, raw sardine salad is also one of the most favorite dishes of travelers. After being cut thinly, fresh sardine is put into lemon juice. Sardine pieces are often served with crushed peanuts, shredded coconut meat, purple shallot, sliced onion, pepper and herbs. Then, they wrap all of them in rice paper and dip it in special fish sauce produced in Phu Quoc. Rose myrtle wine – a specialty of Phu Quoc is good to enjoy with this dish.

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