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Back to mother land

Well known for the large fruit farms, floating markets as well as spectacular nature sceneries, An Giang – a city in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam is an ideal destination where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of busy daily life.

  1. Back to motherland
Back to mother land

Back to mother land

Thanks to stunning natural scenery, especially during the flooding season, from October, An Giang is a must-go destination for those who are really interested in taking beautiful photos.

Being a lively province in the west of the Mekong Delta of Vietnam, An Giang is relatively flat and densely dotted with many small canals and narrow rivers. This city is well known for being a potential agricultural center in the Delta.

Furthermore, thanks to its magnificent places of interest such as Sam Mountain, Xu Pagoda, Prohibiting Mountain and a dense system of grottoes and hills, together with many historical remains and charming artistic architectural works, An Giang also attracts thousands of visitors every year. Indochina holidays Vietnam

  1. Explore Tra Su melaleuca forest
Explore Tra Su melaleuca forest

Explore Tra Su melaleuca forest

Thanks to the diverse ecological system and spectacular natural views, Tra Su melaleuca forest in An Giang, located about 100 kilometers from Long Xuyen City has been changed into a famous tourist destination, especially during the high-water season, it event greets 10,000 domestic as well as foreign tourists.

Covering a total nature area of 845 hectares, Tra Su contains a large number of 140 kinds of plants, mainly melaleuca, and more than 10 types of reptiles and birds consisting of two kinds of birds registered in the Red Book of Vietnam. It is thought that the period from the middle of September to the Lunar New Year when the entire area of the forest becomes inundated is the best time to visit Tra Su.

Coming to Tra Su, tourists will get a feeling of being overwhelmed with many green melaleuca and water ferns overfloating on the surface. They can also have a chance to watch birds perched on trunks of the trees together with numerous beautiful bunches of water lilies. Coming to Tra Su, you will have a great opportunity to admire the charming beauty of the nature and enjoy peaceful atmosphere of Tra Su melaleuca forest.

  1. Cow Racing Festival in An Giang

Taking place from the 9th to the 10th in October in lunar calendar in An Giang, Cow Racing Festival which is one of the most exciting traditional festivals of Khmer people is the suitable time for their local show their respect to their ancestors.

Cow racing festival

Cow racing festival

Held in the Seven Mountains region of An Giang Province, this festival happens during rainy farming seasons when farmers are making preparations for main paddy crops. Their cows are taken to the green paddy fields of the pagodas and a contest among the cows is organized for making fun and finding out which is the strongest cow while they are plowing. This interesting activity has been one of many interesting annual traditional festivals in Vietnam.

They change a 200-meter at length and 100-meter in width flat rice field into a muddy and slippery area serving for the festival. All the cows will take part in a 120 meter long race. Five meters far away at the starting and finishing lines are two flags with two different colors green and red.

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