What is the weather in Hue like?

Summer in Hue

Situated in the middle of Vietnam, Hue is in the tropical climate. Because of the passes (Hai Van Pass in the South of Hue and Ngang Pass in the North), the weather in Hue Vietnam is different from the weather in the South and the North of Vietnam, creating its typical weather. Want to plan your holiday in Hue? Let’s take a look at the weather forecast without delay! Travel to Hue through Travel Indochina Vietnam

Summer in Hue

Summer in Hue-source: Internet

You may find it interesting to compare the temperature of Hoian City and Hue. Hoian’s average temperature is higher than Hue’s by 2 degree Celsius. But, you will be surprised to know that Hue can be a bit hotter some days in the dry season.

There are two main seasons in Hue: wet and dry seasons. Lasting from April to the end of the September, the dry season is the hot time with bright sun; the temperature can be really high from 30 up to 39 degree Celsius. If you love the sun and want to spend time on the beach, this is such great time. About 14km from the center of Hue city, Thuan An beach is a nice beach still preserving its wilderness with good sand. There, you can enjoy service offered by the luxury Ana Mandara Resort Hue resort. Travel to Vietnam

Ana Mandara Resort Hue resort

Ana Mandara Resort Hue resort-source: Internet

Thus, if you are planning to travel in Hue in this season, don’t forget to carry water with you to make yourselves fresh. Early in the morning or late in the afternoon, you can get some really nice spots to take pictures such as on the streets of Hue city, on the Thien An hill or on the Perfume River.

Another season in Hue is the wet one, which lasts from October to March. During this season, the temperature can range from 16 to 28 degree Celsius. At some days, the temperature in Hue can decrease to 11 degree Celsius when the cold weather comes from the North. Hue witnesses some long days with rain, making it special rain – Hue Rain which is small yet long.

Thien An hill

Thien An hill-source: Internet

During these rainy days, Hue looks a little bit pretty sad but more romantic. This is also the reason why many travelers fall in love with Hue Rain. You can find out the colorful streets because of the color of ponchos worn by the local people moving up and down on the streets or sit down at a coffee shop with French colonial buildings to admire the lovely charm of Hue Rain.

In February and March, the weather in Hue Vietnam is usually very good, not very hot and not very cold. On the day time, you will certainly enjoy the warmness of the sun while at cool nights, you can also get good sleep. Returning to the central parts of Vietnam, summer also brings warn and dry weather to Hue, making it a good time to visit this city.

Hue rain

Hue rain-source: Internet

Depending on your own favorite travel; you can choose suitable time to come to and explore Hue city, an interesting and charming city offering a lot of things to see, to sea and great street food to sample.

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