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Area with funny cartoon characters

First opening on the 19th of May 2000, being a phenomenon at that time, West Lake Water Park, which is situated in Tay Ho District and covers an area of 35,560 square meters, with five entertainment sections fully equipped with the most modern facilities, was the first to be considered as the recreation center in Northern Vietnam in general and in Hanoi in particular. Exhausted with the heat of summer in Hanoi, let’s head for West Lake Water Park! Indochina tours Myanmar

This water park located 5km north of the Old Quarter on the northern edge of Ho Tay, which has a lazy river, slides and pools is an ideal destination for those who are desperate for a swim. On hot summer afternoons, this park gets extremely busy and might not satisfy the standards for hygiene and safety of everyone.

Diving pool at Water Park

Diving pool at Water Park- source: internet

Coming to the Water Park, you can definitely experience the highest excitement of sliding lanes which is thought to be one of the most interesting activities in this water park, including carpet sliding lanes with 14.5 m high, black thrilling lanes for couples and high-speed lanes for single.

An extreme experience with a system of swimming ropes and diving pool at the depth of 3.5 m and strong high surf in a 3 m deep wave-making pool with waves at the height of 1.2 m are also waiting for tourists’ exploration. Extreme experiences can be collected in a system of diving pool and swinging ropes at the depth of 3.5 meters. You can lie on a buoy and then let the artificial currents of the lazy-stream at the height of 450 m drive you around the park while sunbathing and sightseeing the poetic and gorgeous beauty of the Water Lake outside this complex if you want to enjoy relaxing moment. cruise on Mekong river

Sliding lanes

Sliding lanes-source: Internet

For kids during their family tours in Vietnam, the water park is a perfect spot. Children are given priority with a huge stunningly designed area with colorful lanes of lower height and funny cartoon characters. Nearby this area you can find a wide selection of drink and food stalls as well as a lot of eye-catching statues and fountains for photos posing.

West Lake Water Park is an ideal destination for your children

West Lake Water Park is an ideal destination for your children-source: Internet

The Moon Park, which is situated right beside the Water Park, provides young people and kids with dozens of games. Various games from games suitable for kids such as bumping cars, bubble house or driving carts to thrilling games for youngsters like high speed train dropping down from high above. If you want to catch a whole incredible view of the West Lake and a part of Hanoi outside, you can also join the wonderful wheel lifting ones to a height of 60 m.

Area with funny cartoon characters

Area with funny cartoon characters-source: Internet

Providing a wide selection of water-based attractions which includes slides and rides, this relaxing destination is not only a perfect spot for families to enjoy daytime fun but also a perfect place to head on days as it is too hot to go sightseeing. After busy days at work, West Lake Water Park, which is the first rank attraction in both Hanoi capital city and Northern Vietnam, is really well worth your time.

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