Vietnam’s specialty cakes

Kho me

Although most travelers know about Vietnamese cuisine through some world-famous dishes such as: spring roll, Pho, Banh mi (Vietnamese baguette), etc, in fact, the amazing cuisine also owns many types of specialty cakes. Indochina travel Laos

Green rice flake cakes – Com Cake – Hanoi

Green rice flake cakes

Green rice flake cakes -source: internet

Green rice flake cake is a delicious rice cake often used as offerings during ancestor-worshipping days and wedding ceremonies. Also, it is Hanoi’s specialty that most visitors visiting the capital city want to buy as a present for their friends and relatives. To make the stuffing, green beans have to be submerged in water and flayed before being steaming. Then, the green bean paste is blended with coconut, sugar-coated lotus seeds, grapefruit flower attar and a dash of sugar. Normally, Com cake is always served cold with tea. Green in color with a gelatinous texture, very sweet and tasty flavor, it is one of the most popular cakes among Vietnamese. Hang Than Street is the best place to find Com Cake in Hanoi.

Hot cake

Hot cake -source: internet

Made in Nguyen village, Dong Hung District, Thai Binh province, hot cake – Banh cay is made of sticky rice, lard, sugar, mandarin orange peel, gardenia and sesame. Then, they put this cake onto a square pan so that when being served, it looks like a sesame bar. The cake’s name comes from that crab as the sesame is thought to resemble the eggs of a crab which is popularly found in the Northern Vietnam. Very sweet and a bit chewy, banh cay served with tea is a very popular dish to eat around the Tet holidays.

Khô Mè – Danang

Kho me

Kho me- source: internet

Made from the blend of rice flour, glutinous flour, granulated sugar, sesame seeds and ginger, “Kho me” cake is a specialty of Danang City. And when it comes to making Kho Me cakes, Cam Le village, which is home to 6 cake production facilities creating job opportunities for more than 50 local people, has the best reputation in Vietnam. Not only in local markets, the brand name ‘Mrs Lieu’ is also the most famous in foreign markets amongst many local cake producers. After being mixed with the glutinous flour, the rice flour is poured into a mould, steamed and dried. Next, they coat the cakes with sesame or sugar. Served in squares, these cakes are crunchy like cookies. Not only throughout Vietnam, these very sweet delicious cakes are popular all over the world. ho chi minh to phnom penh boat

Green bean cake (Bánh đậu xanh) – Hai Duong

Green bean cake

Green bean cake -source: internet

Banh Dau Xanh Hai Duong or “Green bean cake” or mung cake, is a sweet rectangular cake made of green bean, fat, grapefruit oil and sugar. When opening the box, you can enjoy a sweetly attractive smell and when eating, your mouth will be fulfilled with a very tasty flavor. Famous throughout Asia, not just in Vietnam, this specialty cake has been chosen as one of the top specialty gifts of Asia.

Pia cake – Soc Trang

Pia cake

Pia cake -source: internet

Pia cake, which has pure scent and sweet taste of durian, is a specialty of Soc Trang Province in the Mekong Delta. Banh Pia is an excellent combination of several ingredients consisting of pliable layers of green peas (or sometimes taro), the yolk of salted duck eggs, pork fat and irreplaceably durian. Pia cake is a gelatinous one with the filling full of duck egg, pork or sometimes jelly. Wrapped in an outer paper, Pia is a preferable dish in the Southern Vietnam, particularly around the Mekong Delta. The best way to enjoy Pia cake is to enjoy it with tea.

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